Endgame XM1 vs Roccat Burst Pro – A Comparision

So if you mainly use claw grip and have been looking for a lightweight gaming mouse in 2020, these names probably come up. Having tried and reviewed both mice before, I’ll be able to provide some insight on which mouse might be better for you. Be sure to check out my full reviews of the XM1 and Roccat Burst Pro.

Endgame XM1

Dimensions (L x W x H)

122 mm x 66mm x 38 mm


70grams (with cable)

Roccat Burst Pro

Dimensions (L x W x H)

120 x 58 x 38.70 mm



Roccat Burst Pro vs Endgame XM1 Shape Comparision

Shape and Weight Comparison

In terms of weight the two mice feel identical with no noticeable difference in terms of weight. The main difference in the shapes is that the Endgame XM1 is more narrow in the middle and flares out towards the back. The hump is also centered a bit more towards the back than the center of the mouse which to me makes it a better shape for pure claw grip.

The Roccat Burst Pro on the other hand is much flatter on the sides but the hump is more centered towards the middle which makes it more comfortable for palm grip. I would not recommend either of these shapes for fingertip grip. For me the shape of the XM1 just makes it easier to feel both more precise and stable. It’s more comparable to Zowie shapes like the ZA13 or S2 while the Roccat Burst is more similar to the MM710/MM711 or the old WMO mouse.

It’s close but if I had to choose a better shape I’d go with the Endgame XM1. I just perform better with it flat out.

Winner – Endgame XM1

Build Quality, Skates and Cable

Build quality on both of these mice is top tier. They are both incredibly solid in hand and I didn’t run into any big QC issues on my copies of either mouse.

In terms of the cable, they are both pretty good but the XM1 is a notch above. It’s thinner, lighter and more flexible. Both of these have a stress relief that is angled slightly upward which reduces cable drag. I think both are great looking mice but if you care about RGB the Roccat Burst Pro has a great implementation with tons of lighting options. The Roccat Burst cable is just a bit heavier and wider.

In terms of skates, the Roccat Burst Pro has two heat treated large glides on the bottom while the Endgame XM1 has four PFTE glides that are dyed white. They are both about the same thickness but the XM1 has much smoother and faster glide out the box without the x/y axis differential you’ll feel with the Endgame XM1.

Winner – Endgame XM1

Clicks and Scroll Wheel

The main clicks on the XM1 uses 50M Omrons which are a light, familar switch. They feel really responsive and snappy out the box. These are great clicks and they’ve held up over hours of abuse. The only downside is that there is some hollowness in the click feel that is present. That hollowness is also found on the Roccat Bust Pro clicks which use Roccat Optical switches. The optical switches were disappointing in the first batch of the Roccat Pro as they feel dull and not very tactile. They don’t have a crispy feel or sound when activiating and these strictly cater to players who want a heavier click.

In terms of side buttons the Roccat Burst has larger side buttons especially with the forward button. both are pretty good but the ones on the XM1 just feel snappier and crispier for me with the only downside being the differential in size between the two buttons.

Scroll wheels on both mice are very solid but the one on the XM1 is much smaller. Being smaller however it is much more tactile which I like and the middle click requires more force to press in. I’d say these are tied in terms of quality but my personal preference is for the more tactile and sturdy feel of the Endgame XM1

Winner – Endgame XM1

Value and Features

In terms of retail price, both of these mice provide solid value for their retail price of $60. Roccat Burst will feel like better value if you are indeed looking for RGB but otherwise the XM1 can be found on sale as low as $39.99 on sale since its an older mouse.

Winner – Tie

Bottom Line

The bottom line is these are both very solid mice and you should go with the shape that best suits your needs. They are similar in shape but the slight differences make them feel noticeably different in hand. If you like a narrower grip with and more aggressive curves go with the Endgame XM!, if you like a very flat design and want to palm the mouse often go with the Roccat Burst Pro.

For my own personal use though I found my performance with the Endgame XM1 being much better which is the main reason I recommend it over the Roccat Burst Pro.


Where to Buy the Roccat Burst Pro

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Where to buy the Endgame XM1