Cooler Master MM711 White Glossy Mouse Review

2019 was the year of the ultra-lightweight mouse and the MM710 was Cooler Master’s first entrance into the category. They certainly made an impact with that mouse and it opened the door to the MM711, essentially an upgraded version of the MM710 with some build improvements and of course custom RGB lighting.

Dimensions (L x W x H)       

116.5 x 62.4 x 38.3 mm


60 g

Packaging and Presentation

This is gonna be short and sweet because the package the MM711 comes with is bare bones. The box is pretty tiny and barely larger than the mouse itself. It comes well packed inside with no extras to speak of other than an extra set of mouse skates. The packaging shouldn’t matter but does feel a bit lacking compared to what the competition is putting out.

Design and Shape

The MM711 comes with a safe ambi shape that should be best for small or medium hands. The mouse is quite short and has a noticeably high hump at the back. It’s like a narrower, lighter G203 with a larger hump. The mouse feels super light to pick up and move around and that makes it really responsive. The shape works best for claw grip though smaller hands can safely palm grip this and those who prefer fingertip grip should be comfortable using it as well. All in all it’s a unique yet safe shape that works well with the low weight. The RGB looks awesome on this thanks to a diffuser inside and it displays a variety of colors in stunning fashion.

Build Quality

I was a bit wary of the build quality at first because of what I had heard about Cooler Master mice in the past. Upon first impression the mouse doesn’t have any rattle when shaken and there is no real creaking through the frame. The larger holes were a concern for me at first but they end up being quite comfortable compared to the traditional honeycomb design seen on the likes of Finalmouse or Glorious mice. That being said there are some issues with the build, there is definetly some side play on the clicks which can be ignored in daily use, but I did get instances of the M1 button getting stuck to the frame. This resulted the switch springing back to use slowly and it just made it feel clunky and inconsistent. The other issue that’s less of a problem with the mouse if you squeeze under the side buttons with force it will activate the side buttons. I’d say the overall build quality is satisfactory but there’s enough issues on my copy that it’s far from perfect. The cable on the MM711 is one of the more flexible stock paracords I’ve come across. When combined with a bungee, this definetly gives you that wireless feeling although the cable did form some kinks in it with use. The glossy coating is actually really grippy and has a general high quality feeling. It doesn’t leave fingerprints as easily as other glossy coatings I’ve seen which is a plus.

Sensor and Skates

The mouse feet themselves are made from white PTFE. They feel a bit scratchy out of the box but they glide really quickly and smoothly once they are broken in. That being said, there are quite thin which leads me to believe they’ll need to be replaced quite quickly with limited use. The sensor here is the PixArt PMW3389 which is top of the line when it comes to modern sensors. Tracking and flicking were both perfect and I did not experience any issues or spinouts.

Buttons and Scroll Wheel

The M711 uses Omron switches rated for 20 million clicks and those give the mouse a great snappy feel. M1 and M2 have little pre travel but there is some post travel along with the stuck mouse button feeling on occasion as described above. Nitpicks aside, the clicks feel satisfying and tactile and are quite light to actuate. There is a very limited side play but it is still within a tolerable range in my opinion. I also liked the comfort grooves that are really subtle but offer you a comfortable place to rest your fingers while you’re not clicking in.

The scroll wheel has a nice rubberized texture. The scroll wheel uses a brown core F-Switch encode which translate to a very tactile , light scrolling. The notches are very well separated which means you won’t often miss scroll. The middle button clicks in with a moderate amount of force and feels quite good when you actuate. There’s also a standard DPI switch button which luckily is very small so you won’t likely hit it by accident. The scroll wheel is very good and one of my favourite aspects of the mouse. It’s got a great height, shape and rubberized texture. It’s very quiet when scrolling up and down, and the individual steps are well-defined and tactile. The middle (scroll wheel) click requires little force for actuation. A Huano (green dot) switch is used here and it feels great.

The side buttons are a weakness on this mouse, they are small and a bit hard to hit. They have little pre or post travel and are otherwise quite snappy and responsive.

Performance and Software

If you’ve used an ultralight mouse before you’ll be right at home with the M711. The biggest asset of this mouse is the shape which is both comfortable and really easy to flick and track with. The skates help you hit quick shots in-game where it matters the most. I found myself naturally going to a claw grip with this and always felt like I was in good control of everything I did in game

The MM711 is compatible with Cooler Master’s “MasterPlus” software but you’re not forced to use it. You’re able to adjust DPI and RGB on the fly which is a big plus. If you do install the software it unlocks some more customization options from rebinding to macros and lighting control. You can boost the DPI up to 32,000 although any CPI beyond 16,000 will be interpolated as the 3389 is only capable of up to 16,000 CPI natively.


To be honest my first impression of this mouse wasn’t great but after some use I really did enjoy the shape. The QC issues on my copy keep it from me giving it a total recommendation. If you know you like smaller shapes, claw grip and a weight under 70 grams the MM711 is worth trying.


  • Excellent scroll wheel
  • Nice flexible cable
  • Great shape for claw grip and super light weight
  • Lighting looks great with the diffuser


  • QC issues with the main clicks
  • Mouse feet are thin and a bit scratchy

Bottom Line & Rating

If you like small ambi mice this is worth a try but expect to find some QC issues

Rating 7.5/10


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