Endgame Gear XM1 (White) Revised Batch 2 Review

So I have to admit that when I first saw the Endgame Gear XM1 I wasn’t particularly interested. Among all the honeycomb mice and RGB mice out there, the XM1 seemed quite plain and un-assuming. My first impressions were proven wrong when I finally got to try the original version of this mouse in my review last year.  It’s a premium feeling, lightweight mouse that places emphasis over substance instead of flash. Some of the weaknesses of the mouse have since been fixed and I can confidently say this is one of the best performing mice on the market today.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 

122 mm x 66mm x 38 mm


70grams (with cable)

Packaging and Presentation

The Endgame Gear XM1 comes in a pretty standard box but a nice touch is how the mouse is safely packed in the black styrofoam which will ensure it does not get delivered in damaged condition. Other than the box, you just get the minimal documentation that accompanies it.

The mouse features a paracord like cable which is flexible , lightweight and really gives that ‘wireless-like’ feeling in a bungee. The length of the cable is a pretty standard 1.85m.

Design and Build Quality

Build quality is an area where the XM1 excels. The mouse feels really solid right out the box which is comfortable and instills confidence in the user. No sidewall flex, no creaking or rattle when it’s shaking. The scroll wheel feels solidly in place and there is no side to side movement. The top shell feels great to the touch and very comfortable to hold especially given the 70gram weight. The original black version of this mouse was a fingerprint magnet but the white version I have has not fixed the issue.


Sensor and Skates

The XM1 uses the PixArt 3389,  which is a top of the line sensor. While you might not notice any difference from the now industry standard 3360, just rest assured that it performs absolutely flawlessly. I always felt that it tracked perfectly with no issues with spin-out. Sensor position is centered but just moved a little towards the front.

The skates have a unique shape to them are are rounded. They are 99.5% white PTFE and have a very smooth glide right out the box. Maybe not as quick as aftermarket feet but they’re really solid for stock feet. Endgame has made the skate a bit thicker over time but they are still a bit thinner than aftermarket skates like Tiger Arc.


The XM1 has a standard 5 button layout. One of the unique areas of the XM1 is their patented analog technology which claims to lower the click delay to under 1MS. This also gets rid of the need =debounce time and should reduce instances of double click issues.

The mouse comes with Omron D2FC-F-K(50M) switches which are rated for 50 million clicks. These aren’t the lightest clicks but feel nicely tactile in use. They remind me a bit of the clicks on the G305. They’re really crisp and sound nice although there is a bit of hollowness to the M1/M2 clicks that is noticeable. M1 and M2 has close to no pre- travel and just a tiny but of post-travel which is due to the switches and not the construction

The side buttons have a little pre-travel and no noticeable post travel to me. They feel pretty crisp but don’t feel as satisfying as some of the best side buttons on the market. Overall these are a bit average to me but don’t take away from the experience of using the mouse at all.

Mouse Wheel

The mousewheel is really nice for gaming as it’s tactile and has a good amount of tension. It’s rubber coated and has nicely defined steps. Definitely a great mousewheel for weapon switching or bunny hopping in game. I feel like the shape and position could be improved however as it does feel a little high up on the mouse and it does feel small given the medium size shape of the mouse itself. The click itself has a bit of stiffness and isn’t the easiest to click in which to me is a good thing. Overall this is a very good scrollwheel for gaming and maybe not the best for productivity or desktop use.


Performance and Software

The software is pretty minimal and bloat free. It allows you do the usual adjustments from changing the DPI in 50DPI steps to adjusting the LOD from 2-3 mm. It also lets you save up to 4 settings for fast on the fly switching. I usually prefer to skip the software when possible on most mice so just rest assured that it has all the basic features you’d need in most situations.

Now onto the performance of the mouse itself. It is just a great all round performer in game. The weight is ideal for me as it’s still heavy enough that you get a feeling of stability and confidence when holding angles. The sensor and tracking feels really precise so you’ll be finding yourself hitting some really nice shots with this I think. The shape is great for my hybrid claw grip and it really feels comfy and easy to play with. Shape is everything and that combined with some great satisfying clicks makes this a hard mouse to put down. The <1ms latency clicks may be a marketing angle but this mouse definitely feels really responsive and snappy when it comes to the clicks themselves.


Endgame Gear really made a splash with their very first mouse and they should be commended. The design of the XM1 is well thought out and it shows in the final product. If you like to claw grip your mouse I’d highly recommend you try out this mouse as it’s one of the best non-honeycomb lightweight mice on the market. 65-70grams is my personally sweet spot for weight of a mouse and this fits right in there. Along with the great M1/M2 clicks, the XM1 is a compelling package with very few downsides. That being said I also do have to commend the company for rolling out constant improvements to the build of this design including their new XM1 that comes with a paracord like cable and thicker skates. The new revision also comes in a new white colorway which I’m definitely gonna pick up at some point.


  • Excellent responsive clicks
  • Comfortable coating and shell
  • Shape that is excellent for claw grip
  • Very responsive cable and weight


  • No finger grooves on the clicks that sound a bit hollow
  • The mouse wheel could be bigger
  • Thicker skates or additional skates in the box would have been a plus



Bottom Line

If you have a medium hand and love claw grip, TRY This mouse it’s one of the best on the market.

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