Zowie FK-B and ZA-B Mouse Refresh


Zowie has finally went and updated their classic FK and ZA shapes. After being quiet for much this year, Zowie has announced that they will be releasing the FK and ZA shapes in their new black matte coating. In addition both mice receive several other improvements including the 3360 sensor and the removal of the right side side buttons.

The mouse cable attachment point has also been raised at an angle to lower the chance of the cable dragging on the mousepad. The mice also come with a report rate switch at the bottom to quickly and conveniently switch to your preferred setting

The FK-B & ZA-B Series retains their signature large mouse skates and both these series are available in three sizes respectively – FK1+-B, FK1-B, FK2-B; and ZA11-B, ZA12-B, ZA13-B.