Unconventional Choices for Pro Gear – Uncommon mice FPS pros are using

The gaming mice market has expanded leaps and bounds in the last several years but equipment choices amongst pros have sometimes stayed within a few popular choices from Razer, Logitech and Zowie thanks to brand sponsorships and just familiarity with their equipment. These pros have experimented a bit and went outside the most common choices.

100T Hiko

Hiko has jumped to the top of competitive Valorant playing as a part of 100 Thieves and moonlighting as the biggest Valorant streamer. He’s gone through several mice over the years hopping from the G Pro Wireless to the Glorious Model O-. Recently he’s settled in with the Glorious Model O Wireless and made his main throughout most of the First Strike Tournament.

Gen-G Autimatic

The CS Major winner has experimented with different mice over the years but he’s stuck with his favorite mousepad, the Artisan FX Zero Extra-Soft.

Na’Vi Flamie

One of the first CS:GO pros to be spotted in the wild using the Logitech G Pro Wireless Superlight, an image of him using the mouse sparked months of speculation and it appears he’s stuck with it ever since swapping over.

T1 Brax

Brax made the jump over to Valorant this year, leaving behind a controversial history in CS:GO. He’s using the Logitech MX518 as his main although he’s gone back and forth on it by trying out the Zygen NP-01.

Cloud9 Tenz

Tenz is one of the most mechanically gifted players on the FPS scene right now and he’s put up an insane amount of frags since going pro in Valorant. He’s notorious for constantly changing his sensitivity and this also is what he’s done with mice this year. He is currently maiming the HyperX Pulsefire Haste. But also this year he’s gone and tried the Zygen NP-01 and Logitech GPW.

Vitality Zywoo

Zywoo has firmly entrenched himself as a legend in CS:GO. Born on the same day that the original version of CS was released, he’s made some insane clips this year and put up insane numbers. He was using the Xtrfy M4 for a long time but he’s since switched to the Zygen NP-01 which may have helped him put his performance up to an even higher level.

Godsent Styko

The final pro on this list is included not for their choice of mouse but for their choice of keyboard. While Tfue made waves with his custom Keycult Keyboard, Styko has also gone the custom route with a custom Xeno 75% with Zelios V2 switches built by none other than Taeha Types right on stream.

Cloud9 Relyks

Relyks has been putting in time with Cloud9 and has been one of their top performers despite their disappointing elimination from the First Strike Tournament. He’s currently using the Logitech GPW but pairing it with an Artisan FX Zero XL soft.

Fnatic Golden

Golden gets an honorable mention here as while he’s using a Zowie EC-2, he’s modded it with a paracord and Lizard Skins. Truly a stealth member of the enthusiast community, he’s one of us I suppose.