Xtrfy M4 Mouse Review – The Best Lightweight Ergo?

The Xtrfy M4 has been out over a year now but we’re taking a look at it now and comparing it to the other lightweight ergos on the market. The M4 has a lot to like about it from a unique ergo shape, PTFE feet and admirable build quality. We’ll delve deeper to see if it still holds up in 2020.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 



69grams (with cable)

Packaging and Presentation

The Xtrfy M4 comes in a pretty standard box but a nice touch is how the mouse is safely packed. The package comes with a nice addition of two custom ABS keycaps. The keycaps are definetly the coolest part of unboxing this mouse and it’s a unique way to introduce you to the Xtrfy brand. Another thoughtful touch is the included extra mouse feet, which just shows that Xtrfy is thinking of the enthusiast market with this mouse.

Design and Build Quality

Build quality is an area where the Xtrfy M4 does well. The mouse feels really solid right out the box which is comfortable and instills confidence in the user. The scroll wheel feels a bit loose but is a comfortable size and shape to use. The top shell feels great to the touch and very comfortable to hold especially given the 69gram weight. The texture of the coating feels smooth and matte. The shape itself lends itself to a palm grip or a relaxed claw. As for the shape itself, it has a bit of an angular feeling and the mouse gets noticeably narrow in the centre before flaring out at the back. This wide flared shape at the back is what makes this mouse a love it or hate it shape that is likely going to be divisive. The build solid feels pretty solid overall but there is a slight creak if you press down on the body very hard.

Sensor and Skates

The M4 uses the PixArt 3389,  which is a top of the line sensor. While you might not notice any difference from the now industry standard 3360, just rest assured that it performs absolutely flawlessly. I always felt that it tracked perfectly with no issues with spin-out. Sensor position is centered but just moved a little towards the front.

The skates have a unique shape to them are are rounded, with four feet overall at the corners of the mouse.  They feel like they are pure PTFE and have a very smooth glide right out the box. They are of a decent thickness and should hold up decently with use. They are definetly faster than many of the competitors


The M4 has a standard 5 button layout. The buttons on the M4 use Omron switches that should feel quite familiar to anyone who’s tried many mice in the past.  The clicks feel pretty crispy and responsive but there is a bit of side play when you press down on M1 and M2. It’s not a deal breaker by any means but if it is noticeable.

The side buttons feel fine once they’ve been clicked but there’s quite some pre travel. This isn’t as annoying as post travel in my opinion and they don’t sink into the body of the mouse when pressed. One area of personal contention with the side buttons is that I have to move my thumb a bit from it’s natural sitting position when I use them. If you heavily rely on side buttons it does take a bit of getting used to.

Mouse Wheel

The scroll wheel itself is quite and smooth. It takes a medium amount of force to press in and has a nice grippy rubber texture. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that it was a bit loose feeling out of the box. I think that the mousewheel is also one that is equally good for both gaming and everyday use.


The M4 features a parcord style cable that Xtrfy dubbed the EZcord. It’s a medium thickness and works well with most bungees but it does disappoint when compared to the latest releases from other brands. The cable is not that flexible and feels noticeably heavier than other offerings. Bottom line here is you’ll need a bungee to get the most out of the stock cable.

Design and Build Quality

Build quality is an area where the M4 is better than average.  The mouse feels really solid right out the box which is comfortable and instills confidence in the user. No sidewall flex, no creaking or rattle when it’s shaking but if you press harder on the shell, you do hear slight creaks. The scroll wheel feels solidly in place and there is no side to side movement. The top shell feels great to the touch and very comfortable to hold especially given the 60gram weight. The design is unique and the RGB is tastefully implemented. It’s also worth saying that Xtrfy has released this mouse in a choice of five colors each with matching colored cables.

Performance and Software

Similar to Zowie mice this mouse does not have any software and everything can be changed on the fly using the DPI button at the bottom of the mouse and the slider that controls the polling rate.

Now onto the performance of the mouse itself. It is just a great all round performer in game. The medium shape and 69gram weight make the mouse very responsive for both quick flips and tracking. The shape takes some getting used to but it definetly is appropriate for both relaxed claw and palm grip. The sensor is top notch and I never had any issues with it and combined with the satisfying clicks it feels pretty natural for anyone who likes ergo mice. The medium size makes it a better fit for medium or smaller hands. If you’re looking for something with a more pronounced hump and larger size perhaps the Model D or Razer DeathAdder might suit you better.


The Xtrfy M4 is a unique and innovative mouse that will appeal to ergo users who want one of the lightest ergos on the market. It is a good all around performer as long as you can get used to the shape but the cable is definetly a bit of a letdown that holds it back from being in the top tier of lightweight mice.


  • Solid build quality
  • Unique shape and great looking design
  • Tasteful RGB


  • Cable is heavy and not as flexible as competitors
  • Side buttons are not well positioned



Bottom Line

One of the more unique ergo mice on the market, the Xtrfy M4 is a solid jack of all trades.

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