Finalmouse Centerpiece Starlight Pro Release Date

In their final drop of 2022, Finalmouse is releasing 10,000 units of their Centerpiece mouse, a Starlight-12 design that features some design tweaks under the hood. The most prominent difference is the scroll wheel which is now decorated with Air58 Ninja type kanji lettering. It seems like the mouse is coming in just one size this time around weighing in at 40g.

The Wireless tech is powered by a NORDIC mcu unit

and the battery is stated to be German made JAUCH Li-ion.

Switches come via Triple Binned OMRON A-Stock Switches

I’m unsure at the moment of what real-world improvements will come via these new parts under the hood, but it does seem like Finalmouse is striving to further refine their product instead of drastically re-inventing the wheel this time around. These drop on December 22nd at 6pm PST and I’m guessing these may sell out faster than the TenZ model which featured a less popular chrome look. If you miss the drop and are willing to pay aftermarket prices, I’ve listed the best options to do so safely below.

Where to buy Finalmouse Aftermarket