Vaxee XE Asymetric Mouse Release

So Vaxee is back with a new shape. It’s still a wired mouse but it appears that the shape should be geared towards claw grippers with a wider centered hump.

The shape is similar to the size of the NP-01S but with an entirely asymmetric design. The mouse also has a new function button allowing for office tasks and windows shortcuts to be bound to this button. This is an interesting turn as it’s something not seen in their gaming centred mice. This is still very much a mouse for gaming but it has a new gimmick.

Here’s a rundown of how this mouse differs from past Vaxee models

New smoother scroll wheel

Detachable USB-C cable

Function Key button

Coming in four colors and retailing at $69.99 this mouse seems to be an interesting new addition to the Vaxee family of shapes.


122 x 61 x 38mm

Weight 67.5g