TenZ has a new favorite mouse

I previously wrote about Tenz’ journey to find his old main, the Endgame XM1r. It appears that he’s now switched to the medium Finalmouse Starlight-12 as his main. This isn’t surprising considering the Starlight-12 is wireless and also a ton lighter than any other mouse on the market. He does go into depth about how he prefers mice with a higher back hump and that’s the one area where he could see the design of the Starlight-12 being improved. The other mouse Tenz is very fond of is the Zowie S2 and despite the advances the other mice have made he considers it one of the most comfortable shapes for his claw grip. Lastly the Logitech G Pro Superlight is one he found very comfortable and liked all the features of but he couldn’t get used to the potato-shape of the thing. Watch the embedded video above to hear him speak about his mouse preferences.