TenZ journey to find his main mouse

TenZ has been a player to watch since the early days of Valorant but once he swapped squads from C9 to Sentinels his game reached yet another level. This post will review his journey into finding his main and look back at gameplay from his various mice over the years. He’s made a lot of comments about mice and having a big collection over the years and it even became the topic of a deleted skit from VCT iceland.

Zowie S2

When TenZ started out in Valorant he was on the trusty Zowie S2. This mouse was a favorite among CS:GO pros despite not having some of the more modern features and flash of newer lighter mice.

Logitech GPX Superlight

TenZ had a stint with the Logitech GPX Superlight, while he had tried out the GPW and mained it for a brief period, the Superlight was an improvement for him. He commented on stream that he liked the shape but it was ultimately a bit too big and bulky for him to stick with.

Razer Viper Mini

The Razer Viper Mini has gained a cult following for it’s reductive shape and lightweight along with its budget price. This was one that Tenz didn’t stick with for long and only tried it out on stream commenting he did not like the clicks or shape enough to stick with.

Vaxee Zygen NP-01

The Vaxee Zygen NP-01 is another popular shape amongst Valorant pros. Many of these pros have switched over from Zowie to try it out including fellow Valorant pro Nitro. Tenz showed off the mouse on stream a few times but ultimately ended up ditching it for smaller lighter mice.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste

Tenz also tried out the Pulsefire Haste and did use it for a few days even commenting about it on stream. This was one of my favorites from 2020 and I gave it a rave review here. It seems that TenZ favors slightly higher and curved shapes so this one ended up getting dropped from the rotation.

Endgame XM1R

Finally we reach what happens to be TenZ current main:  The Endgame XM1R. An ironic choice considering that it’s been his personal endgame, a mouse he enjoyed so much he tweeted about the mouse proclaiming that he reached new high scores in Aim Lab switching to it. It also has to be noted that his MVP level performance at the first Valorant lan was assisted in part by the mouse.


What Mousepad does TenZ use?

TenZ switched to the Artisan Zero XL in XSOFT and hasn’t looked back since. He commented on the mousepad when he first got it and it seems he’s stuck with his favorite mousepad. The unfortunate part is that the hype brought on by new Valorant gamers trying to get the pad have made it sold out and backordered essentially everywhere leaving Amazon as one of the few places left to get the pad at a price over retail.