DELUX M800BU (3389 sensor) Wired Mouse Review

The Delux M800BU attempts to fill a niche for those who like the Razer Viper shape but want something slightly smaller. It’s sort of in-between a Viper and Viper Mini in terms of shape and at 58grams, it offers up a decent feature set at a budget price. While the wireless versions of the M800 have gotten a lot more shine, the wired version does offer something for those who want the lightest weight possible at an even lower pricepoint of $35. Let’s explore if this mouse is worth trying out.

Measurements (L x W x H)

124 x 64 x 38 mm



Unboxing and Extras

Standard unboxing with no extras but comes with standard documentation

Design and Build Quality

The first thing you notice about the Delux M800BU is how light it is. At 58g it feels really light in hand and the shell has a smooth kind of hollow feel. The matte coating is smooth to the touch with a slight grain and the sides have a rubbery textured coating. The shape is similar to the Razer Viper but it’s a hit shorter, wider and higher. To me this is an improved shape that will suit medium sized gamers better than both the regular Viper and Viper mini. The Viper shape was too flat for me and the hump on the M800BU feels better in hand for claw or fingertip grip. RGB is integrated into the underglow of the mouse and logo.

The shell has minimal flex and build quality feels a bit hollow yet sturdy. There is a slight rattle and a bit of creaking if you press really hard on the sides but not anything that would impact gameplay or hurt my confidence in the longevity.

Buttons & Scroll Wheel

The main buttons have minimal pre-travel with a tiny bit of post travel. These have a light actuation with a sharp tactile feeling but not the crispiest sound. They are relatively quiet and there isn’t anything too bad. It’s not disclosed what switches they use but they are rated for 60 million clicks. I would compare the click feeling to similar to Omron 50Ms.

The side buttons on the other hand are not good. They have a mushy feeling and don’t have a lot of tactility or satisfying response. The side buttons are the biggest weakness of the mouse and I’d say if you have to rely on side buttons at all I would not recommend this mouse.

The scroll wheel is nice and tactile and has RGB integrated. The rubber coating over the wheel provides good grip and the position of the wheel is well placed.  The middle click takes a medium amount of force and provides a satisfying click feel.

Shape, Performance and Software

The shape of the mouse is the main attraction and it did feel instantly familiar and comfortable. It’s really an in-between being wider than the Viper Mini and shorter than the regular Razer Viper. The shape is easy to hold using multiple grip styles and I did play quite well with it despite some less than stellar aspects (namely the feet and side buttons). The sensor was 3389 and felt perfectly implemented, I didn’t run into any issues using the mouse or any strangeless with the LOD. I was able to adjust everything I needed to on the mouse without resorting to the software but if you want to use custom DPIs or customize the RGB you can use the  Delux Software.

 Cable and Skates

The cable on the Delux M800BU is a paracord style and it’s lighter and flexible enough. It’s actually better than the one on the Viper and I enjoyed using it for the most part. The skates are black dyed PTFE but the skates feel very thin and don’t feel like pure PTFE. They aren’t well rounded and are scratchy out the box. You’ll want to have a fast pad to use these otherwise they’ll give you a bit of that slow mud feeling. I’d recommend swapping out the stock skates if you’re serious about using this mice down the line. While it’s not a dealbreaker it’s a disappointing aspect of the design.

Good shape that will work for more users than the Viper/Viper Mini
Light, well balanced designed
Good Value for top of the line wired sensor
Side buttons are not good
Skates are thin and scratchy


Bottom Line

The Delux M800BU offers a good niche shape but some weaknesses hold it back from reaching its potential.

Where to buy the Delux M800BU


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