Where to Buy the Finalmouse Starlight-12 aftermarket

The initial drop of the Finalmouse Starlight-12 sold out almost immediately. Finalmouse has updated on their twitter that the orders of the mice will start shipping soon. First released at the start of the month on May 1, 2021 the orders should start shipping at the end of the mouth.

This picture from the Finalmouse twitter reveals that orders will start shipping out at the start of the month. Another sign that these mice will soon be in consumers hands are reviewers including Boardzy getting their review copies.

As of now there’s only a few places to pick up the mouse in the aftermarket. It seems that prices are hovering in the $400-800 range for the most part which is substantially more than the $189 retail price. That being said we probably will see a restock on the these models from Finalmouse but it won’t be for a few months.



The naming convention of the Finalmouse is a bit confusing so here’s a run down of the colors which are both available in the small and medium size.


Zeus (White)

Hades (Black)

Achilles (Gold)

Ares (Red)