Mad Catz B.A.T. 6+ Gaming Mouse Preview

It seems like Mad Catz is making a commitment to return to the PC Gaming market. The B.A.T. 6+’s design is instantly recognize as it has wild curves inspired by spaceships, hypercars, and batmobiles.

The Mad Catz BAT 6+ Gaming Mouse main selling feature is that it comes with a customizable shape. The mouse comes with easily swappable backplates and side skirts of different sizes. So, for players who have different hand sizes can adapt the mouse to their liking.

Beyond its aesthetics, the BAT 6+ Gaming Mouse also provides Mad Catz’s own take on high-performance hardware and software. It is equipped with the Mad Catz DAKOTA™ mechanical switch, which enables the mouse to have a 2ms click latency and it uses the Pixart PMW 3389 optical sensor. More information is forthcoming including the weight, exact dimensions and retail cost but it looks like a February 2021 release is right around the corner.