Vaxee’s next mouse OUTSET AX Ergo Shape in 2021

Vaxee promised another shape when they dropped the Zygen NP-01 and now they’re delivering on that promise with the announcement of the Outset AX mouse. They did reveal some thoughts behind the design process of this mouse. Vaxee researched popular types of FPS titles, we realized that there are an increasing number of games where users will perform more frequent and / or pronounced vertical movements.

With this in mind, the design philosophy of the AX shape is:

  • The overall length is shorter than a regular ergonomic mouse
  • The back is more well-rounded
  • Easier to grip the entire mouse
  • More free vertical movements
  • VAXEE Esports Mouse Structure (same as NP-01)

Personally I’m happy to hear that they are going for a shorter shape that’s got well rounded curves as that is what I look for in an ergo shape. More details to come via the Vaxee website itself.