Vaxee Zygen NP-01 G (Glossy) on the Way

The Zygen NP-01 landed late this year with a lot of fanfare. I dropped a review when it dropped back then. According to the Vaxee team, they have pushed forward the launch of the glossy version of the NP-01, the NP-01 G.

The main body of the NP-01 G will be glossy white, while the buttons would remain the same as the original NP-01. This means there will be no coating on the buttons, to ensure a more uniform click feeling. We have changed the colorway of this version in order to make grip marks less obvious. We always recommend that you pick the version of NP-01 that suits your in-game needs and not make your decision based on appearance.

It will be available on their webstore at that point.