Red G-Wolves Hati Review

Chinese hardware brand G-Wolves really stepped up their game their year bringing forth multiple lightweight offerings that appeal to a variety of grip styles. Their latest ambi offering is the Hati which is an ambi mouse that has a shape that’s extremely similar to the Logitech GPW. While the Hati may not be the most innovative mouse out, the company is offering some awesome colorways of the mouse which set it apart from the competition.  This review will explore whether the Hati is worth the price of entry.


L x W x H

124mm (4.88in) x 64mm (2.52in) x 39.6mm (1.56in)


63 g *with cable


Packaging and Presentation

One are where G-Wolves has set itself apart from the competition is their packaging and included extras. My copy of the Hati came with a ton of little extras including extra mouse feet, extra M1/M2 switches, an additional para cord-style cable and optional side-grips that can be taped to the side of the mouse. Unfortunately my copy was missing the trademark collectible tin box which has become a staple of G-Wolves presentation. That was a bit of  a disappointment as I’ve seen most customers online did receive one in the box. It certainly is a nice unboxing experience seeing a ton of extras soon as you open up the package.

Design and Shape

Like I stated in the intro, the Hati takes its shape almost entirely from the Logitech G Pro Wireless. If you’ve ever used the GPW the feel of the mouse should feel instantly familiar, however the main difference will be that Hati feels flatter and longer. You won’t really notice the hump too much while you’re using the mouse.

The lightweight also makes it feel even more responsive than the GPW. Overall I actually prefer the shape of the Hati. If the GPW can feel like a potato at times, the Hati is shaped more like a pill. The middle of the Hati also feels a bit narrower than the GPW and I think that slight difference makes this more viable for fingertip and claw grip than the GPW. The red copy of the Hati I got is certainly striking and right away it struck me as one of the better looking mice I’ve used all year. The hexagonal holes look great and aren’t too distracting in actual use. I also like how the sides of the mouse aren’t perforated and that makes it easier and more comfortable to grip. The coating of the mouse itself feels slightly more grippy than the GPW and gives off a slight powdery feel. The mousewheel design is like a hybrid between the GPW and Finalmouse Air 58. It’s a bit loose for my liking but it works efficiently in-game.

Build Quality

The first impression of the Hati are definitely positive, upon further use some build quality issues present themselves. Something about the mouse just doesn’t feel as premium as the GPW, but when you start using the mouse in longer gaming sessions you realize why. The Hati uses TTC Golden Micro Switches which I’ve never had any experience with in the past. The switches themselves feel responsive and pretty light with a satisfying click. However the split design of the shell itself lends itself to some wobbly buttons on my copy.

The buttons definitely slide around a good deal on mouse 1 and 2 and that effect is doubled with the slight post travel. Luckily there’s no pre-travel on this mouse but the wobbly buttons combined with the post travel make this mouse feel inconsistent in-game. If the goal of a good gaming setup is to allow you to completely focus on the game, then these mouse clicks have definitely become a distraction in my game play. When I’m playing FPS with the Hati, the wobbly clicks don’t inspire confidence when one-tapping or spraying. I will say the side buttons feel decent and have a satisfying click though and I’d say they are on-par with the GPW’s side buttons.

Another area of weakness is the mousewheel.  The mousewheel feels like the GPW but it feels like it has much less tension than the Logitech GPW. The textured rubber on the wheel feels similar to the Finalmouse Air 58. As for other aspects of the mouse, there’s no side flex on the mouse but there is a noticeable rattle on the mousewheel if I shake the unit. I did notice a defect where if I hold mouse 1 and scroll the wheel down I can feel the shell grinding against the wheel which doesn’t inspire confidence in the longer-term durability of this design. I have seen similar issues reported by other users so unfortunately it may not be an isolated issue with just my copy.

There are four small feet on the bottom of the mouse and while they don’t look like much they do get the job done. While not as good as the pure PTFE-style aftermarket feet like hyperglides and Tiger Arcs, these feel plenty fast. They glide really well on my cloth pad and despite a bit of scratchiness I’d say they are much better than average. Another area of praise for this mouse is the cable. The paracord-esque cable is really light and flexible and won’t get in your way. It beats out most of the competition in terms of stock cable performance.


The Hati rocks the same 3360 sensor that most top of the line gaming mice have these days and in this regard I found tracking and flick aim to be quite good with this mouse. The lightweight shell does allow me to flick faster than with similarly shaped heavier mice. The 63gram weight is really in the sweet spot for me personally.

However the issue with M1/M2 buttons sliding around threw off my game at times. The build quality of the mouse just felt inconsistent to the point where it affected my game play negatively.  I hit some shots I normally wouldn’t with it but I also missed plenty of shots I would normally hit. I did not install or try out the G-Wolves software but the mouse performed admirably without any attachments and I was easily able to find my preferred DPI. Ultimately the extras that come with this mouse are incredible but it’s disappointing that the actual build quality on my unit was a bit lacking.


The Hati really does show the promise of what G-wolves can be but unfortunately it does fall short in some key categories. This mouse has a lot going for it but the end result feels like it’s less than the sum of its parts. I love the look and design of the Red Hati and am looking forward to seeing other color variants. I actually prefer the shape of this mouse over the GPW. I would give a higher rating to this mouse if my copy wasn’t plagued with some really noticeable issues. I think a perfect copy would have inspired significantly more confidence. I still think this is a great gaming mouse, but with so much competition out there at the moment the bar has been raised. You can get the mouse through X-Ray pad or Amazon where it retails $79.99USD.


  • Great aesthetic design
  • Feet are quick and responsive
  • Awesome unboxing experience lots of included extras
  • Lightweight with an excellent flexible cord


  • Lots of side play and wobble on M1/M2 as well as some post-travel
  • Mousewheel rattle when you shake the mouse and a bit of looseness in its overall feel
  • Value could be a bit better for North American shoppers



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