Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse Review – Best Wireless?

Logitech has been innovating in the gaming mouse space since the early days of optical technology. They continue to push the envelope from time to time and the Logitech G Pro Wireless definitely exemplifies their mastery of the craft. While not a perfect device, the G Pro Wireless delivers excellent build quality, battery life and a premium feel that should appeal to most hardcore competitors.


L x W x H

125mm(4.9 in) x  63mm (2.5in) in 40mm (1.6in)





Packaging and Presentation

The mouse comes in a medium sized box that includes all the necessary accessories. Most importantly it comes with a charging cable that allows you to use the mouse in wired mode as well as optional right-side buttons that can be attached and detached easily. It’s a fun package to unbox but not a huge departure from the standard Logitech G packaging.

Design and Shape

The objective of the G Pro Wireless was to offer a top of the line sensor and pair it with low latency performance with long battery life. The story goes that Logitech spoke with dozens of pro gamers to get their input on what they wanted in a gaming mouse. The end result is an egg-shaped design that comes in lighter than most of the competition. The ambi shape is not too different from the Zowie FK series but with a higher hump. The shades narrow slightly in the middle and the weight of the mouse feels evenly distributed. Those with smaller hands can palm grip this mouse but if you have larger hands you’ll only be able to get away with claw or fingertip grip. I find the shape comfortable but because it’s trying to appeal to a wider audience it doesn’t feel particularly specialized either. The coating of the mouse feels very smooth and has a matte finish. It’s not particularly grippy but it does feel comfortable in hand. I do wish that the hump on the mouse was a little further back.

One last point about the design of the mouse is that it includes RGB lighting. Being a wireless mouse, the implementation is extremely limited and basically just allows you choose your lighting color and effects for the Logitech G logo.

Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, I have to say that the G Pro Wireless gives off a great first impression. After using it for a few weeks it continues to impress as the mouse has great light, responsive clicks. M1 and M2 use Omron switches and are extremely comfortable on this mouse. They don’t require a lot of force to activate which means you can game for hours without your fingers getting tired. This is a true ambi mouse and you can add side clicks to either side of the mouse (or even both if you like). The side buttons are clicky and just have a bit of pre-travel. They are a great size and feel comfortable and easy to press.

The mouse wheel on here also feels excellent and is one of my personal favorites. The middle wheel presses in with a moderate amount of force and feels nice and tactile. Just a sidenote but this mouse has great sounding clicks to me and they are relatively quiet as opposed to being too “crunchy”. My buttons have very little wobble and my copy does not have the overlapping M1/M2 issue that plagued earlier builds. There is however a slight rattle from the mousewheel if I shake the mouse.  Personally I like that the DPI switch is at the bottom of the mouse as I rarely change my DPI when I’m already in-game.

The feet on the G Pro Wireless are one area where the mouse doesn’t particularly impress. There are three curved ones at the bottom of the mouse and one longer one at the top. The feet are quite fast when new and feel quiet decent. However they don’t feel as good as the PTFE rounded stock skates found on competitor’s mice. Luckily Logitech has made some indentations on the bottom of the G Pro Wireless that make it easier to replace the stock feet with Hyperglides or Tiger Arc feet. All the extras that come with the mouse feel good as well but one disappointing aspect is the charging cable that allows you to play with the mouse plugged in. It is heavy and does not bend at all and it’s recommended you never game with the mouse cord attached. A word of warning on durability of this mouse as many users have reported a double-click issue after weeks of use that will require a RMA to fix.

Lastly I should mention that the mouse is intended to be used with the G Hub software. While it is a bit buggy, it does allow you to customize the mouse to your heart’s content. It includes options to set up macros, RGB lighting and set custom DPI steps.


Logitech stated that the battery can last up to 48 hours with RGB lighting turned on and up to 60 hours with it turned off. From my usage, the stated battery life lives up to the estimates. You really have to use this mouse a lot to drain the battery and it seems that the battery life holds up well after many charge cycles so you don’t have to worry about the battery life going down drastically in a short period of time. That being said if having the longest battery life possible is important to you, the G Pro Wireless does not last as long as the Logitech G305 would on a set of fresh batteries. The wireless receiver works great and I experienced no latency. It feels just as fast and responsive as any wired mouse.

The G Pro Wireless comes with the 16k HERO sensor which is the top of the end Wireless sensor from Logitech. It allows DPI selection up from 100 – 16,000 DPI. I play on 800 DPI and found the sensor excellent in terms of consistency and tracking. I find this a great mouse for holding angles and it feels really solid for sniping as well. I do wish that the mouse was grippier at times as I found my hand slipping from time to time. As well having played with lighter mice before I wasn’t able to hit as many quick shots and flicks as I would have liked. I might recommend using a faster mouse pad with this mouse if you really want to optimize your performance. This is not the best performing mouse in game for me and I feel like I am not hitting my peak performance with it. That being said however, it does feel extremely solid and I do play pretty consistently. I should also mention that this mouse is one of the best gaming mice I’ve ever used when it comes to day-to-day desktop usage. It’s a great productivity mouse and excels at general usage.



This mouse feels luxurious and premium and I can see why Logitech makes this part of their “Pro” line. However with a suggest retail of $150USD the freedom of wireless does not come cheap. The shape is what I’d consider a “jack of all trades”. It should work well for a variety of handsizes. I think one day we’ll look back at corded mice as an anachronism and with the G Pro Wireless, Logitech has already almost perfected the form. That being said this mouse is not perfect and I’m sure we’ll see more wireless competition coming down the pipeline. I think Logitech will only release more Wireless mice soon with even more unique shapes and even better battery life.


  • Light for a Wireless Mouse
  • Great sensor and battery life
  • Awesome clicks and scroll wheel
  • True Ambi design


  • Expensive
  • RGB lighting is limited
  • Shape is too safe for some

Rating & Bottom Line


Having used the G305 extensively in the past, the Logitech G Pro Wireless feels like an upgrade in most categories. There are not many great ambi wireless mice, so this is the default choice for those who don’t mind paying more for a mouse. That being said I don’t think it can be my endgame as the shape is not perfect for me. I wish the hump was a little further back and the general shape was a bit narrower. That being said, you’ll have so much fun using this mouse that you’ll probably forget how much you paid for it. I recommend checking Amazon for deals on the G Pro Wireless as they’ve had pretty frequent sales on it of late. I expect the price of the mouse to go down over time as it ages in the market and that should make it a better value going forward.

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