Logitech G305 Gaming Mouse Review – Wireless on a Budget

Logitech has spent the past year really focusing on their wireless line. Luckily for consumers, the technology has filtered down to their more affordable offerings. The G305 delivers excellent wireless performance at a budget price point, making it well worth a try for anyone that is looking for their first wireless mouse.


L x W x H

115cm (4.5 in) x 63mm(2.4in) x 40mm (1.6in)


96g (w/ AA battery)

Packaging and Presentation

The mouse comes in a small branded box and includes the USB receiver and a fresh set of AA batteries. The packaging is pretty minimal and the unboxing experience isn’t too special in any sort of way but it delivers you everything you need to get started right away.

Design and Shape

If the shape of the G305 looks familiar it’s because it’s the exact same shape as the wired G Pro Mouse and the original G203 mouse. It’s a classic shape for small to medium size hands and it’s definitely a comfortable shape. Those with larger hands will be forced to fingertip grip this mouse but it works well for claw grip as well. If you have smaller hands you can comfortably palm this mouse as well thanks to rounded hump in the middle of the mouse. There are some nice subtle finger grooves on the main clicks and the back of the mouse gives it an egg-shaped feel. The finish on the mouse is matte and my white copy just had a tiny bit of grain you can feel for grip. I heard very little rattle on my copy when I shook the mouse.

Build Quality

If you’ve used a Logitech Gaming Mouse before the G305 will feel immediately familiar to you. The mouse feels solid when you pick it up and the thing that will grab your attention right away are the clicks. M1 and M2 clicks are nice and crispy and require a medium amount of force to actuate. The switches are Omron D2FC-F-7N models which are only rated for 10 million clicks. While the switches have minimal pre and post travel, I’d say they feel quite satisfying to click. The main issue with the main clicks is that they are quite loud. They are definitely the loudest out of any mouse I currently own.  If you like a stiffer click however, you’ll like these as they are hard to click in my accident. The side buttons on the G305 are a little disappointing. Their shape is not the most comfortable and they are really small and thinly shaped. There is a lot of pre-travel before actuation as you really need to press them in deeply to make them click, particularly the rear side button. The switches are again D2FC-F-7N models manufactured by Omron. These have a nominal lifespan of 5 million actuations.

The scroll wheel is nice and tactile even though scrolling through its notches is easily done. The scroll wheel feels grippy and the clicking in the middle mouse button is pretty easy. The encoder in use is a white TTC rated for 10 million scrolls. The last thing to note about the buttons is that there’s a DPI switch button in-between the main clicks.

The stock feet are smooth and even and are pretty serviceable for stock feet. I did experience a bit of friction with them if I tried to really flick my mouse quickly but you should be able to find aftermarket replacements if you want.


As for the eye of the mouse, the G305 uses Logitech’s HERO (High Efficiency Rated Optical) which is the same sensor used on the Logitech G Pro Wireless.  It doesn’t have any smoothing, filtering or acceleration and feels very responsive in-game. As for the wireless aspect of the mouse, I found it as fast as any wired mouse I’ve tried. The battery lasts for about 250 ingame hours on high performance mode, and up to 9 months on low power mode which is pretty insane battery life on one set of AA batteries. There was no noticeable input lag at all with this mouse.

I ordered a AAA to AA converter off Amazon and have been using a lithium AAA battery with this mouse which noticeably reduces the weight of the mouse from 96g to 83g. This makes the mouse feel way more comfortable to control and offsets a bit of the imbalance weight on the unit. That being said the back of mouse will always feel more heavy than the front on this mouse which can be a slight distraction. I highly recommend this easy mod as it makes a huge difference to how the mouse feels.

The mouse can also be further customized through the optional Logitech software. The freedom of wireless really makes a difference playing with this mouse and allows you to focus more on the screen rather than any cord that might get in your way. I found the main clicks really satisfying and fun to use in game and found that my tracking and sniping aim was really solid with this mouse.


At a retail price of $59USD, the Logitech G305 is simply the best-in-class budget wireless mouse. While it does feel a bit heavy with the default AA battery, switching to a AAA lithium battery still gives amazing battery life while shaving significant weight off the mouse. If you’ve been hesitant to try wireless, this is a great starter mouse to dip your toe in the water with.


  • Great sensor and overall performance
  • Battery Life is amazing
  • M1/M2 buttons feel great if you like clicks that aren’t too stiff or too light
  • Great Value


  • Side buttons are small and a bit mushy
  • Weight is not balanced

Bottom line

The G305 is a great all-round performer that won’t break the bank. If you like Logitech products, you’ll like this mouse. At $59 , this mouse is widely available and offers tremendous value. If you are willing to mod the battery and maybe even add aftermarket feet it can take the experience up another notch. You can order the Logitech G305 online at Amazon or Newegg.

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