A Cheaper Artisan Zero Mousepad

While most of the attention and spotlight has been focused on the FX line from Artisan, the Classic line has largely gone under the radar. The classic line is a lower priced alternative to the Zero with prices about 200-300 yen lower than the retail price of the FX. While there used to be many more colors and variants of the classic pad now they only have the Zero classic in black.

The main advantage is that there is a huge shortage of Zero pads out there and with the FX sold out at every stockist, settling for a Artisan Zero classic may be the only way to get one of these pads without finding a third party seller. They come in S-XL sizing and have identical dimensions to their FX counterparts. Since gamers and top influencers like TenZ switched to Artisan Zero, the demand has gone through the roof. While I would definitely recommend the FX if you can source it, the Classic should still serve most gamers needs especially if they aren’t super low sens players that are bumping against the edge of their pads. Another possible plus is that they come with a different design logo which looks pretty cool in my eyes.

Get the Aritsan Zero Classic while it’s still in stock only through the Artisan website or for a hefty markup on Amazon.  I hope that worldwide stockists will pickup Classic versions of the pad in the future just to add to the amount of choice out there but at the moment they are only offering the FX.