Where to Buy the Vancer Grexta Wireless Mouse

I previewed the Grexta mouse before but it seems it has been rebranded from BTL to Vancer. The mouse is a slightly larger Finalmouse Ultralight 2 clone. I know it was hard to get your hands on this mouse in the past because it was only available domestically in china and you had to order it by proxy. Fortunately for those interested in the mouse, it’s got much wider distribution now thanks to Addice Inc.. The mouse presently comes in three colors, light blue, cream and metallic red.

Specs below

Size: about 123* 62 * 37mm
Sensor: original phase 3370
LOD: 2mm (default) 1mm
DPI: 400/800/1800/3200/4800/6400
Return rate: 125Hz (8ms) 500Hz (2ms) 1000Hz (1ms)
Weight: about 69g (500mAh lithium battery)

You can buy Vancer Grexta from Addice Inc for $79.99 USD