BTL Grexta UL2 Clone Wireless mouse preview

Many people have clamoured for a Finalmouse Ultralight 2 shape that improved on some of the original flaws and was wireless. This BTL Grexta mouse that’s appeared on chinese e-commerce sites may be the solution for that niche. The mouse is a bit larger than the UL2 making it more suitable for larger handed users.

We have a little more information now that the mouse has been listed for sale.

122mmx  63mm x 37mm

69g weight

Omron switches

Sensor: PixArt 3370 Wireless

USB-C charging

500mah battery


$81USD shipped

You can buy the Grexta Wireless Mouse on Addice Inc

I’ll be updating the site with more details on this one as it seems to have a lot of interest behind it and will try to order one for review in the coming weeks.