Roccat Kone Pro Preview

Roccat has been stepping up their social media activity and it looks like they’re getting set to launch the Kone Pro. Amazon Germany has put up a listing about the mouse which confirms that it’s got a lightweight ergo design. The mouse looks to have some noticeable changes to the Kone Pure Ultra which came before it.


125 x 72 x 40 mm



The thumb groove is more rounded and the side button ledge is gone. The main buttons look lower and the right side of the mouse got cut down and made narrower. Definitely like the changes to the shape from what I can tell from the photos. The titan switches and scroll wheel are back on this model so if you liked the Burst Pro clicks you might enjoy these as well. As for the weight, the new bionic shell places the honeycombs underneath the coating to cut down on weight allowing the Kone Pro to weight in at just 66g. The sides of the mouse also have horizontal lines engraved obstensively for grip. The official Roccat product page has a pre-order open with a listed pre-order price of $79.99.


Where to buy the Roccat Kone Pro