Roccat Kone Pro Air Wireless Ergo Mouse

We first previewed the Kone Pro which is a wired ergo mouse but this is the wireless equivalent.


125 x 72 x 40 mm



The Kone Pro Air is extremely light and lightning-fast at only 75 g, without compromising the much-praised comfort of the characteristic Kone shape. The Roccat Bionic Shell brings out the AIMO lighting with a clear, translucent design and protects against dirt and dust. The Kone Pro Air comes with the tactile, responsive Titan Switch Optical plus the optical 19K DPI Roccat Owl-Eye Sensor, including a PhantomFlex USB-C charging cable and extremely slippery, heat-treated glides made of pure PTFE.

Key Features

  • Stellar Wireless + Bluetooth and quick charge function (USB-C charging cable)
  • Ultra-light Roccat Bionic Shell in characteristic shape – only 75 g
  • Optical Roccat Owl-Eye 19K DPI sensor
  • Titan Switch Optical – tactile and fast
  • Heat-treated mouse feet made of pure PTFE – extremely slippery immediately
All details have been pulled from this Amazon Germany listing where the retail price is set at €129.
Where to buy the Roccat Kone Air Wireless