MSI Clutch GM41 65g mouse preview

We’re getting lots of new shapes this year and we get another lightweight option this time from MSI with the Clutch GM41. It’s a 65g ambi mouse with some unique aspects to it. Quick spec list below. I think the standout aspect to it for me is anti-slip coating on the sides which shows off a diamond like pattern to help with grip. I don’t love the large logo on the shell but this could be a promising shape for those who don’t want to compromise on weigh or deal with holes.

  • PMW 3389 PixArt Sensor

  • 1000Hz / 1ms polling rate

  • Omron 60 million switches

  • Weight: 65g w/out cable

  • 2m braided cable

  • PTFE Feet

  • Customizable RGBMore info can be found on the MSI product page. No confirmation of a release date or retail price just yet.