New Finalmouse Aries Images via RJN

As the release date of the new Finalmouse approaches more gamers are getting their hands on early samples. It looks like RJN has got a few of them and has been testing them in-game. He took to twitter to share these images of the mouse as well as some of his thoughts on the design itself.

It seems he has been maining the medium sized model which is slightly larger than the UL2. His thoughts on the weight was that it made other mice few heavy in comparison.

Most interesting aspect of his tweets was comparing the “weight ratio” of the wireless finalmouse with other mice.


Rough calculation using my super scientific “Expected Weight Ratio” puts the new Finalmouse Medium at 0.667:1. That’s about the same as the Cooler Master MM720. But this is wireless. The G Pro X Superlight is 0.81:1. Just gives you an idea of how crazy light they made these.The Finalmouse Small is at 0.651:1, so even lighter than expected. I haven’t done proper measurements yet, just wanted a general idea because I got curious. These mice almost weigh half as much as we would expect them to.


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