$100,000 diamond Finalmouse

Finalmouse has pushed back their release date for their magnesium-alloy metal first wireless mouse. They have not however shut down their hype machine with the announcement of a ridiculous wireless Finalmouse that’s diamond encrusted. While the logic of having a diamond encrusted mouse for gameplay seems extremely impractical, it’s yet another example of the brand creating hype through insane stunts and high price tags.

First teased in a TFUE vlog then on the Finalmouse twitter, it’s limited to a run of 50. No other details have been released yet on how these special edition collector’s pieces will be distributed. 14 Carats of diamonds + white gold setting, but knowing Finalmouse I’m going to need a jeweler expert to do a legit check on the diamonds and the $100,000 price tag in the comments.


Where to buy the Finalmouse Starlight-12