Wireless Finalmouse Release Date – May 1

Finalmouse has broken a few weeks of silence with a flurry of tweets teasing their upcoming series of wireless mice. I’ve covered this release extensively in the past but the new information today has confirmed that the release date has been pushed back to May 1, 2021. The stated reason was to give Finalmouse more time to prepare for the launch including protecting the release from bots and having their shipping logistics in place. While it is disappointing we won’t see the release much sooner, we’ll see if Finalmouse can stick to this new schedule.

Just to recap here’s what we know about the mice that are releasing so far.

Retail Price


Some key differences have emerged between this mouse and their past efforts. I’ll list some of the new features Finalmouse is claiming to bring to the table. Of course the most obvious difference is that all the mice are constructed with Magnesium Alloy (The white version has polished Magnesium detailing).

1000hz polling rate
MicroUSB charging (No USB-C here unfortunetly)
New mouse skates from a material that is not PTFE
Omron switches
RF Nordic chip for great connection for faster click and motion latency than any wired or wireless mouse out right now

2 months battery life

Improved scrollwheel compared to the Air 58
Top shell weight is only 7-8g

Process of manufacturing the mouse

Cast individual parts

Machine-stamp holes

Chemical processing

Once again the mouse is plug and play without any software support. Finalmouse did claim that everyone that wants a mouse will get one eventually (everyone that wants Yeezys can buy Yeezys) which leads me to believe that they will eventually expand availability outside of the Aim Gods game.

I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted with any news and info as it drops including any changes to the release date and time.

Where to Buy the Wireless Finalmouse Starlight-12