Rocket Jump Ninja’s (RJN) mouse with Xtrfy – Xtrfy MZ1

So famed youtube mouse reviewer Rocket Jump Ninja has gotten the chance to design his very own mouse in collaboration with Xtrfy. The Xtrfy MZ1 (Zy’s Rail) is a unique small-ish ambi shape that weighs 58g. It has matte coating and translucent shell and features RGB lighting. The retail price will be $79.99 through Xtrfy and is set to release in Feburary. The placement of the holes on the mouse are an interesting touch as they cover the mouse yet leave parts of the body and clicks solid. While its not explicitly stated, I’m guessing that the mouse will use the same Omron 20Ms that have been present on the other lightweight Xtrfy mice to date but there is some speculation that Kailh GM 8.0s are used.

In terms of measurements, the shape can be best described as short and narrow with a hump towards the back.

111 x 52.5 x 36.5mm

The mouse won’t use software but everything from lighting, polling rate and LOD can be adjusted on the mouse. The mouse is equipped with a 3389 sensor, and the same Xtrfy EZcord we’ve seen on their other mice as well as 100% PTFE feet.

No software is included, but can adjust lighting, polling rate, LOD through built-in firmware. According to Zy, the mouse is designed for fingertip grip specifically but could work well with claw as well. While its mainly an ambi shape, there are . There are very minor differences on each side of the mouse. The right side thumb groove is deeper and and finger grooves are slightly different.

While we don’t have measurements or dimensions yet, some enthusiasts have compared the shape and size to the Razer Abyssus Elite which is shown above.

Where to buy the Xtrfy MZ1 – Zy’s Rail