Finalmouse Aim God’s Invitational $250,000 Tournament

After teasing Aim God‘s for months, it seems we’re approaching a full launch soon. As tweeted on Finalmouse’s twitter account, the first Aim God’s tournament will launch right after their keynote on December 20, 2020. With a prize pool of $250,000 and stacked lineup of invitees across multiple FPS games, this might turn out to be an very entertaining watch. The tournament also re-unites legendary CS:GO casting duo DDK and James Bardolph. Among those invited to the tourney are






and Summit 1G

The players will be playing in a 2v2 format and all indications seem to show that Aim Gods will be a tactical shooter. It’ll definitely be a widely streamed and watched event now considering the talent that Finalmouse has assembled to compete. Tune in at 6PM on December 20 after the keynote ends to watch the tournament.

More information has been presented through the official Finalmouse twitter. They will be giving access to the game immediately after the tournament. There will be servers up in all regions so players can immediately start competing. There will be a range of prizes including Playstation 5s and the new wireless mice.

The legendary mice can only be obtained through Aim Gods or Twitch drops. The MSRP is $299, however it is not purchasable and there will be thousands of mice available to win. The game itself will cost $30 to buy via the official finalmouse website.

Edit 12/21/2020

It turns out that after the dust settled, Zayt and Htag were the duo who took home the $250,000 and first place in the tournament. They beat out Summit 1G and Mendo who put in a good effort and outplayed expectations. I’ll be sure to post updates when the next Finalmouse Aim God’s tournament is announced.

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