Finalmouse New 2020 Wireless Mouse and Aim Gods Announcement

After a period of relative silence, Finalmouse has provided a firm release date for their Aim Gods game.

Finalmouse themselves announced through their twitter that they’ll be throwing a launch event on Twitch.

A December 20th Keynote & Launch Event Streamed at 3pst/6est that day. This looks like it will be a dual review of both their competitive aim trainer-style game, Aim Gods and the wireless mouse that may only be earned through in-game performance through the game.

A previous leak via a redditer, has given shed more light on what we can expect in the mice themselves

“So last week the company I work for (can’t mention who) got a deck for the upcoming finalmouse wireless mice. (We are working with them in some capacity). And I was able to glance at the deck but could not take any pictures obviously.

Its 4 different colorways each with 3 sizes and each colorway has a name. They are made out of some really thin metal and each one has engravings on top of the mouse. The engravings form a sort of ancient roman design, with the main prominent feature being an exposed strip of the metal in silver coming all the way down the mouse and forming a sort of sword shape? And within the silver prongs that form out onto the clicks there are further design engravings in sort of abstract greek/roman patterns. The dpi button had a swirly design on it that was engraved, and the wheel had engraved roman arrows. The mouse still had honeycomb holes around everywhere.

There was a red one with silver engraved design elements, a white one that had gold and silver, an all gold one with silver and different shades of gold, and an all black with gold engraving accents.

They come in 3 sizes small medium and large. The medium I remember was 38 grams. there was a destruction test they showcased where they tried to crush each one and apparently it was super strong (compared to some other mice).

Thought I would let you guys know as the design really caught my eye when I saw it. Can choose to believe my description or not but remember this post for when it is revealed.”

Time will tell if these rumors prove to be true.