Is the Logitech GPW Superlight better than the original?

The Logitech G Pro X Wireless Superlight may be the most hyped mouse of 2020. It’s got so much momentum behind it for a reason, it’s the lightest wireless mouse we’ve seen to date and it rides on the ponytails of the most popular wireless mouse of the last few years, the Logitech GPW.

So first off I want to say I’m very familiar with the GPW and mained it for six months and the original has not left my desk as my main wireless mouse since I got it. I have swapped through several wired mains with shapes that suit me better though but I kept coming back to the GPW for its comfortable feel and features.  I have been using the Superlight non stop since I got it and wanted to share some first impressions of the mouse. The Superlight is a really unique mouse and from the moment I picked it up I could feel that the redesign really changed the feel compared to the original. I’ll go through some of my initial thoughts below and compare it to the original GPW.

Dimensions (L x W x H)

125mm x  63mm x 40mm

The dimensions remain unchanged from the original GPW but the feel of the mouse is changed thanks to the new lightweight design.


Going from 80g to ~60g is a huge difference in-hand. The shaved weight literally makes the shape feel different in hand and it’s an improvement in my opinion. I’ve been used to mice that are under 70g and I just felt sluggish with the original GPW and I don’t have that issue at all here. It almost feels like a brand new mouse now.


This is something not many people have brought up so far. The coating feels similar to the GPW but its improved. There’s a slight grippiness improvement from the new coating and it reminds me a toned down version of the XM1’s coating. It feels even more premium than the original with the exception of the black version picking up fingerprints more easily. The Superlight also comes with grips that I haven’t gottten to try yet but could be a plus for some gamers.


The Superlight has shifted to the 20M Omrons that later batches of the original used. This was in order to mitigate the double clicking issue but time will tell how if that is actually fixed. I really liked the clicks on the original GPW and to me these just don’t feel as good. They are similar in terms of how light they are but there’s not as much tactility here as on the original GPW. They also have some side play if you click near the top of the button as well as having more post travel that on the original GPW. These are a bit of a nitpick as the main clicks feel fine by most standards but I just don’t like them as much as the original.

The side buttons are also worse than on the original GPW, they are recessed in more and just feel less clicky and satisfying than on the original.

Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel feels pretty much the same as the original but it seems to be tensioned a little bit higher so you’ll get slightly more resistance than before. I prefer this scroll wheel but the middle click has gotten worse. It feels like it has a much shorter  actuation distance and feels really shallow and lacks tactility. The middle click is a bit disappointing but not a huge issue as its not a button I have to rely on in-game.


The new PTFE feet are a noticeable upgrade, they perform great on multiple pads. I find them to give a smooth and easy glide. The only con to them is how thin they are but they feel a lot better than the original GPW as well as many stock feet on mice these days. Wish they included extra replacement skates in the box like some other brands have begun to do.

Build Quality/Features

My build quality was pretty much great across the board. Only thing that might be an issue is some bottom flex. I do feel like Logitech was lazy when they went for the same charging cable with micro-usb instead of USB-C. As well I don’t know why they didn’t competently remove the indent on the right side of the mouse where the right side buttons used to be. It’s just a bit of an eyesore that didn’t need to be there. The above just seems lazy to me but honestly none of this impacts my actual gaming performance. RGB and the DPI Button are gone too but I don’t miss them so personally I wasn’t disappointed at all having to use the software to change DPI. Battery life so far has been awesome, at least on par with the original if not better.

Performance and Conclusions

I play better with the Superlight period. My aim feels more reactive and the shape feels more comfortable at this weight and with the new coating. The issue of value does come up as this does hit your pockets but if you know this shape works for you, you’d be hard pressed to find a better performing lightweight gaming mouse. If you don’t want to pay up, I’d say it’s worth waiting for sales but if I don’t think I could go back to using the regular GPW after playing with the GPW X SL. Logitech still needs to work out some issues with future batches but this is a really promising start and the only question is whether you’ll want to shell out the premium price Logitech is asking.

I’ll be back with a full review when I get more of an opportunity to play with the mouse.

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