Glorious Model O Wireless vs Steelseries Aerox 3 Wireless Mouse


I’m currently waiting for my order of the Glorious Model O Wireless to come in but I thought I’d do a quick post comparing some key differences between these two competitively priced Wireless mice, the Model O Wireless and the Steelseries Aerox 3 Wireless.


First off, let’s take a look at the differences in dimensions and shape and weight

Model O Wireless

L x W x H : 128 x 37.5 x 37.5 mm

Weight 69g

Aerox 3 Wireless

L x W x H : 120.55 x 57.9 x 21.53mm

Weight 66g

The Aerox 3 is shorter, wider and has a lot shorter hump that is flatter in general. The shorter shape should lend itself to claw grip better than the MOW. The MOW will fit larger fingertip grip users better. Neither of these mice are optimized for a palm grip but will be useable in one if it matches up with your hand size.


The Aerox 3 Wireless uses TTC Golden dustproof microswitches which should provide a more tactile, firmer and crispier click than the MOW which uses 20M Omrons.


This one is a bit of a push as both Glorious BAMF Sensor and Aerox TrueMove Air provide flawless sensor performance with great battery life.


The Aerox 3 Wireless uses four small PTFE feet while the GOW uses their familiar G-Skates which are 4 PTFE feet which are larger in size than found on the Aerox.


Both have USB-C para-cord style charging cables.


The Aerox has a more textured PBT feeling while the matte on the MOW is smoother feeling similar to the wired Glorious mice.

Battery Life

The Aerox 3 boasts better better battering life topping out at up to 80 hours vs 71 hours on the MOW.


The Glorious MOW is $20 cheaper at $79.99 USD vs $99 for the Aerox 3, but if you factor in the free shipping that retailers that Amazon may provide this lessens the gap in the pricing as Glorious shipping can be expensive.

While this is not a complete review or a full comparison of the two, I will be doing a more detailed comparison when I get both in. This is more a review of the key differences in specs and features of the two mice.

Where to Buy the Glorious Model O Wireless (MOW)

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