Cooler Master MM720 Glossy Black Review – A Sturdy Small Ergo Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master gained a lot of new attention with their MM710 and MM711 release. The MM720 continues to cater to fans of lightweight mice with this 45g ergo shape. While the shape feels like a dramatic departure from the competition, it is actually a redux of the Spawn and Xornet shape that was popular for CS 1.6 pros. Thanks to Cooler Master for sending me out a retail copy for review but as always it won’t impact my thoughts on the mouse.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 

105.42 x 76.52 x 37.35mm



Packaging and Presentation

The box was tiny, and I mean tiny. There’s no extra room in the box at all but it does come with extra mice feet which is a nice bonus. Not sure if this was made to help the packaging be more eco-friendly but it’s definetly the first thing you’ll notice when you get this mouse.

Design and Build Quality

My first concern with the MM720 was that it might have some of the QC flaws I experienced with the MM711. Fortunately, I was put at ease a bit when I finally tried out the mouse. I did an inspect of the build quality across the board and it felt really sturdy and solid. One big plus is that the holes are a lot smaller on this mouse and you’ll barely feel them in game.

There is no side flex on my copy. There’s a bit of bottom flex if you press in hard on the bottom frame but should not be an issue in-game at all.  I can hear the scrollwheel rattle a bit if I shake hard enough but not in casual use. It feels pretty solid otherwise and the weight feels awesome at just 49 grams. My own concern in terms of the longevity of this mouse is that you can move the scrollwheel a bit from left to right. If you pull on it you can wiggle it a bit but you won’t notice it at all in-game.

I do prefer matte coatings but I felt quite at home with the glossy version after a couple days. Happy to report that it gives a good grip without feeling to slippery. The actual feeling is like you’re holding a smooth wide pebble, really comfortable for long gaming sessions. The RGB lighting on this map looks nice and bright and is very similar to the lighting on the MM711. There’s a diffuser inside the mouse that balances out the RGB inside the shell. The mouse also has IP58 certification meaning the mouse will stay dust and water resistant. One downside of the glossy version is that its a fingerprint magnet, something I noticed almost immediately after using it.

Buttons & Scroll Wheel

The buttons are really interesting on the MM720. They use a new optical switch (LK v2 70m switches) which are rated for 70 million switches. The switch to optical is obviously to avoid any dreaded double click issues but I’m happy to report that they feel snappy and responsive. They have a quick bounce back and are well suited to spam clicking. There is no real noticable post-travel and a tiny bit of post travel. They feel really good for optical switches and might be the best optical switches I’ve tried to date. You can still tell they are optical but only have a hint of mushiness and I prefer them over the Razer optical switches. Actuation force is pretty light and you can feel a light amount of tactility with each click.

The side buttons on this mouse protrude a bit outside of the shell. They are quite large too compared to the overall shape of the mouse. There is a little pre and post travel on the side buttons but they do have a satisfying click. The downside of the side buttons is their positioning, it was took me moving my fingers a bit to use both side buttons quickly.  Huano switches (green plunger) are used on the MM720.

The scroll wheel is pretty light and you can scroll quickly without too much resistance. There’s good grip to the wheel itself and it doesn’t take too much force to press in. DPI button is located at the bottom of the mouse so you won’t have a extra button to bind but it is neatly tucked away so you won’t accidentally switch DPI.

Shape, Performance and Software

The shape of the MM720 is the star of the show. It’s an ergo mouse in spirit with a ledge on the right side where you can rest your ring and pinky. It’s definetly made for 1-2-2 grip and I think its optimal for claw. I don’t know many mice to compare to it but it reminds me of a Logitech G303 but fatter, wider and shorter. The front of the mouse is quite low profile which helps with control. I would not recommend this mouse for fingertip due to its wide shape making it harder to make quick micro-adjustments. That being said it feels great in claw, really stable and awesome for controlling sprays and holding angles in-game. It’s no wonder this was a popular shape for Counter-Strike pros as it really feels great in CS:GO for me. If you have a small hand (under 18cm) I think you could palm this mouse but I wouldn’t recommend it for larger hands. For games with a lot of fast movement and verticality like Quake Champions, I did not perform as well with the MM720 but I really did love it for tactical shooters.

In terms of performance I had so much fun with this mouse. It took a couple days to fully adjust to the wide short shape but once I did I thought I played quite well with it. I had a lot of control with claw grip and it excelled for me for sniping and spray control. The Cooler Master MasterPlus+ software allows for standard adjustments with pages for buttons, performance, lighting, macros, and profiles.

Sensor and Skates

It’s nice to see that the MM720 uses PixArt’s PMW3389 sensor, which is top of the line and is implemented perfectly here. For the budget price, I’m glad they did not decide to save money by using a cheaper sensor here.

The skates used are PTFE with a large front skate and a smaller back skate. It feels smooth and stable with good glide but it did feel scratchy with some mousepads. I wish the back skate was larger and more in-line with the size of the front skate. Also the rounding on the skates could be better. If you’re picky about mouse feet, this would be a good candidate for aftermarket skates.


If you used the MM710 or 711 you’ll be familiar with the cable. The Ultraweave cable is quite flexible and light and I found it adequate for day to day use. You won’t need to immediately replace it with a paracord as this is definetly above average.


If you have small to medium shaped hands and like tactical shooters I can definetly recommend the MM720. The shape is not for everybody but once you get used to the shape its really a pleasure to game on. The MM720 checks a lot of the boxes and has improved QC compared to the MM711 which is welcome news to fans of Cooler Master.


Fun shape for claw grip

Sturdy construction and smaller holes means you’ll forget you’re using a honeycomb mouse at times


Skates are a bit scratchy on some pads

Side button position requires you to move your hand a bit

Bottom Line

The MM720 offers very good value in a compact claw grip shape. A really unique feeling ergo that could be a good addition to any collection.



Where to Buy

North America


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