G-Wolves Hati-S Stardust Review, 48g lightweight gaming mouse


For smaller handed gamers, 2020 has offered up a wealth of choices in terms of mini-size mice. G-Wolves followed up their ergo shaped Skoll mini with the Hati-S, a 48g lightweight mouse that’s tailored for fingertip grippers. How does it hold up against the competition? For transparency, I was sent a review unit by iTakTech but as always I stay as objective as possible in all my reviews and try to hold products up to the highest standards. Let’s get into the review below.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 

113x 61 x 40mm


48g (with cable)

Packaging and Presentation

If you ever unboxed a G-Wolves product before, you’ll know that it’s one of the more premium feeling packaging experiences out there. As always there’s a ton of random extras, here’s a list of what was included

-2 USB-mini detachable cables

-Cleaning brush

-Extra set of mice feet

-Tin storage box

-Mouse grips

-Extra set of switches

-Instruction printout

All in all, an impressive list of extras but of course that doesn’t matter as the mouse itself.

Design , Build Quality and Shape

First impression alone, the G-Wolves Hati-S ‘Stardust’ is a great looking mouse. The speckled paint effect takes it beyond most black matte mice. The hints of color are well done and the honeycomb shell design just looks awesome. At 48grams, this is bordering on superlight territory and it definitely feels pretty effortless to pickup and move around.

In terms of build quality, it feels solid throughout, there is no scrollwheel or sensor rattle. You won’t really get side flex unless you press really hard on the sides. I should also note there is a colored light inside the mouse that doesn’t really feel like full RGB but offers a light-up discrete G-Wolves logo. In my opinion this doesn’t look bad but will disappoint users who want full RGB.

The shape of the Hati-S was the main attraction to me, it feels similar to the Viper mini but smaller in hand and shorter. It reminds me of the UL2 but with more stability due to the wider width and higher hump. I don’t like mice that are too flat so this gives more support for claw gripping, although this mouse performs best in a fingertip grip. Unless you have a really small hand I don’t think you can reasonably expect to palm this mouse comfortably. I would describe this mouse more similar to a Viper Mini and UL2 hybrid rather than as a mini GPW. The coating feels much improved from past G-Wolves mice, it’s not textured and is on the smooth side but its not as slippery as say the GPW.

Sensor and Skates

The Hati-S uses the top of line sensor from Pixart, the 3381. The red version of the mouse however does use a slightly older 3360 sensor. That being said the performance of the sensor is just awesome. No issues with tracking, LOD and it feels really precise , snappy and responsive. The skates are what feel to be 100% PTFE and feel really fast out the box and don’t really require a break-in period for them to feel smooth. While not as good as aftermarket feet, these are definitely above average for stock feet and rank pretty high among all mice I’ve tried in this category.


The clicks on the Hati-S are pretty solid out the box, using the familiar Omron 20m switches. These feel well tensioned and are light to actuate and feel snappy and responsive. There’s no noticeable pre-travel on M1 and M2 but there is a tiny bit of post-travel. These feel quite similar the the clicks on the UL2 but not quite as good. The only real noticeable issue is that there’s a bit of side play when holding down the clicks after you feel the post-travel but its not much of a distraction in game and much better than problematic clicks on the Coolermaster MM711 for example. Side buttons are shaped just like the ones on the GPW and feel terrific, snappy, crisp and light. The middle scroll wheel click is a bit stiff but that’s actually my preference and it felt pretty tactile. Basically the clicks on this mouse are solid and have decent tactility but not best-in-class.

Mouse Wheel & Cable

The scroll wheel on the Hati-S is well tensioned and precise. There’s a moderate amount of tension when scrolling but you can feel the tactility in each step. It kind of surprised me how tactile the mouse actually was. You can scroll quickly in-game or for productivity purposes really easily. The only thing that might be a bit off-putting is the position of the wheel is further back than most mice due to the detachable usb-mini cable. It’s something you can get used to in a couple hours of use but just something to note if you rely a lot on your scrollwheel.

The cable itself is detachable which separates this mouse from most others on the market. At first I didn’t think this would be a big benefit but it looks and feels pretty good for a stock cable. It’s definetly one of the better stock cables out there and it makes replacing the cable with an aftermarket paracord a total plug and play affair.

Performance and Software

The G-Wolves software offers pretty limited functionality but luckily you can change everything on the fly right on the mouse. A DPI button is available with the standard steps and there is a polling rate selector on the bottom side of the box. In terms of performance, the Hati-S took a bit of getting used to but once I had some time playing with it I played very well with it. It feels really precise and it helped me hit some difficult shots in-game. I’d say that this mouse really excels at flicks and anything that requires a rapid response but you might have to adjust your sensitivity if you’re used to heavier mice. If you can get used to the shape and weight, this mouse performs fantastic in fingertip grip.


The G-Wolves Hati-S caters to a very niche audience but for the right user this mouse can excel. If you know you like smaller , really light mice and use a fingertip grip this could be your endgame. I had some quality concerns with past G-Wolves products that I’ve documented but this feels like a step up from their past mice for sure.


  • Really great shape for fingertip
  • Amazing light weight that doesn’t sacrifice build quality
  • Mice feet are smooth and fast


  • Some post-travel on M1/M2 with slight side play when buttons are held down
  • Price is on the high end for a wired mouse in 2020



Where to buy the G-Wolves Hati-S ‘Stradust’