Where to Buy the Cox CM600 lightweight gaming mouse

The Cox CM600 has made a journey from being relatively unknown to becoming a sought-after new model that has its legacy based upon the iconic Logitech Mini Optical. The mouse sells itself as an ultralight fingertip shape, weighing only 39g on the box, but realistically its going to feel more like 43g with the cable in use. While the shape is perfect for an underserved audience, the downside of the mouse is that it’s been incredible difficult to find outside its native Korea. After scouring the net for more information on the mouse, I could only find it on Gmarket and eBay. I’ve actually gone ahead and ordered a unit on eBay and will be reviewing it here as soon as it comes in.

Mouse Specs:

104mm(L) x 61mm(W) x 36mm(H) (more detailed measurements later)

PMW 3360, 12k DPI, 250ips, 50g accel limit

~43g with cable, 39g without cable

Very light & flexible cable

GPro/G102 style feet

Huano Blue housing / White plunger Microswitches for main clicks

ChangFeng MS10.030R.P1A71 microswitches for side buttons & mousewheel click

11mm F-Switch Encoder, black core