Logitech G203 Lightsync RGB Review

With all the hype around lightweight and smaller designs this year, the Logitech G203 Lightsync RGB was released with very little fanfare. If you’ve paid any attention in the past to Logitech’s gaming offerings you’ll recognize this popular egg shape that’s been used on previous version of the G203 (G102 in some regions) as well as the wireless G305. Let’s do a quick review and explore if the G203 is still work picking up in 2020.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 

116x 62 x 38mm


85g (with cable)

Packaging and Presentation

The Logitech G203 Lightsync comes in a tiny standard Logitech box. It’s packaged securely but there’s no extras in the box whatsoever besides a few branded stickers. Definitely has a no frills feeling in terms of the presentation.

Design and Build Quality

Build quality is an area where the Logitech G203 impresses. Right off the bat this mouse feels solid, the weight is properly balanced and despite the 85g weight, it feels slightly lighter in hand. There was no scroll rattle and the buttons did not move or budge even when pressed down hard. There was no sensor rattle or other loose parts on my copy.

Sensor and Skates

The G203 uses a proprietary Logitech sensor which is not disclosed. From what I could tell it’s a toned down version of their mercury sensor which tops out at 8000DPI. At this point DPI numbers don’t mean much as barely anyone uses the top of the range but what that translates to is consistent tracking and flick aim without any spin outs experienced on my end. From feel alone this seems like its on par with the Razer Viper Mini.

The skates are the typical black Logitech skates, located at the four corners of the bottom side of the mouse. They feel really smooth out the box and seem like they’re superior to ones I’ve tried on similar Logitech mice in the past. They’ll definetly not up to the level of hyperglides, but they feel satisfactory for a budget mouse.


The Logitech G203 has a standard 5 button layout. The main buttons on the G203 use Omron switches rated for 10 million clicks. There’s virtual no side wobble on the buttons and the clicks feel clicky, responsive and tactile. They’re definetly not the quietest clicks but they’re well tensioned and feel pretty good in game. There’s a DPI button underneath the main clicks which is a downside for me as I don’t like accidentally changing my DPI on my fly and would rather see it moved to the bottom side of the mouse.

The side buttons are better than older versions of the G203/G305 I’ve tried in the past. They feel a bit clickier and protrude out a bit more from the mouse. There’s no pre-travel and a tiny bit of post-travel. Overall they feel better than I expected them to feel with the only downside being their small shape and size.

Mouse Wheel

The scroll wheel on the G203 is well tensioned and pretty precise. You can scroll quickly in-game or for productivity purposes really easily and the middle click requires a moderate amount of force but isn’t too difficult to press in.


Cable is a bit a of a disappointment as it’s just the same rubber Logitech cord we’ve used for years. That being said it is angled slightly upward from the stress relief and it feels a bit lighter and more flexible than in the past.

Performance and Software

The G203 works very well in terms of plug and play but if you want to make any adjustments to the bindings , use custom DPIs or adjust the RGB you’ll need to install GHUB software. Love it or hate it, it’s the same software you’re used to. The RGB lightning has three zones and has to be given some praised for looking excellent on the mouse. It’s very bright, has great color gradients and looks more expensive than the pricepoint of the G203 would indicate.

Now onto the performance of the mouse itself. It is just a great all round performer in game. It’s probably best for claw and fingertip grip as the shape makes it too small to palm for most users. It’s a great mouse for holding angles in game and for tracking moving targets although at times I wish it was lighter. It definetly feels lighter than the 85gram weight would indicate. If you like a more traditional feeling mouse and can get down with the egg shape, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the performance you can get from this moues especially with a bungee equipped.


The Logitech G203 lightsync is a jack of all trades budget mouse. It’s a great mouse in a pinch if you’re on a budget and a total steal if you can find it on sale. That being said it’s a mouse that does everything well but excels at nothing.


  • Time-tested shape
  • Clicks and build quality feel great
  • Tasteful bright RGB


  • Rubber cable and same old mouse feet
  • Not lightweight compared to the competition



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