Logitech G Pro X Wireless (Superlight) Ultralight 60g mouse Preview

Logitech fans have spent most of 2020 anxiously waiting for the company to finally enter the lightweight space. It seems that time has finally come with leaks and rumors on the new model – an 60g weight mouse that’s based around the ever-popular G Pro Wireless design. First seen on stream being used by CS:GO pro Flamie

From the leaked images of the product, we can see a few major changes already. The right side buttons have been removed completely to cut down the weight further. The mouse feet have been switched to what looks to be a 99% PFTE version with a huge front mouse skate design. The weight has been shaved down to just 60grams though its unclear whether the mouse shape has changed in other ways.

While we wait for a release date and more info on the ultralight, Logitech is also preparing to release yet another limited edition colorway of the regular G Pro Wireless which was leaked via a Logitech Europe facebook post.

While we’re waiting for the latest Logitech releases, you can still pickup the GPW on discount over at Amazon.