Atom Palm Hydrogen Gaming Mouse Preview

Sometimes we have to look away from the major hardware companies to find true innovation and in the case of the Atom Palm Hydrogen, we may see some new strides made in the gaming mouse field that haven’t been present ever before. The major selling points of this mouse reside in its polling rate technology and its superlight design.

This mouse is the first to to deliver 8kHz response time. That polling rate is something we’ve never seen before in a mouse. According to official website AtomPalm Hydrogen has a record breaking latency of 125μs. This means that all the information that comes into the computer is more accurate both with respect to timing, and precision. Since the mouse is the first step in the chain of input lag, it is critical to minimize the latency for the best gaming experience. Other notable elements of the mouse include the Anodized Aluminum Wheel, 45g lightweight honeycomb shape

Full specs below

Length 123.8 mm
Width 64.5 mm
Height 39.5 mm
Weight 45 g
Cable Length 2 m
Feet Material PTFE
USB Report Rate 8000 Hz (125 μs)
Sensor PixArt PMW3360
Resolution 100 – 12,000 CPI
Max Speed 250 IPS
Max Acceleration 50 g
Switches Japanese Omron D2F-01F
Switch Force 0.74 N

The only thing we’re not sure about is when we’ll get an official release date for this mouse. It’s slated for a Fall 2020 release but we’ve yet to hear any concrete information about its production. Keep posted on the official product page for more updates.