Glorious Model D Preview and Release Date

Glorious made a huge splash in the enthusiast mouse market this year with it’s release of the Model O and it’s smaller follow-up, the O-. Glorious is ready to hit the market hard again with their new Model D mouse. It’s been teased already through the brand’s official channels but it now seems that more photos of the mouse have leaked. As many have guessed the mouse comes in a ergo shape that seems reminiscent of the Zowie EC series.

My guess is that the mouse is mid-sized and Glorious will take a similar strategy they did with the Model O by releasing the larger sized mouse first and following it up later with a smaller version. It looks like everything that made the Model O a hit is also intact on this model from the PTFE feet to full RGB implementation. Glorious has now updated their site with additional details and has confirmed the mouse will come in weighing 69grams and be available in December 2019. Once again it’ll be offered in glossy and matte versions in black and white colorways. The dimensions have also been confirmed coming in at 128mm in length,  42mm high at the top of the hump and 63mm at the narrowest width.

Glorious Model D Dimensinos
Glorious Model D Dimensions

Check the official Glorious page for more details.

Edit 11/07. Glorious has now announced that the official reservation for the Model D will be launched on November 18. Direct from the Glorious site you can place a reservation for Model D between 11/18/19 @ 11:00 AM CST – and 12/2/19 @ 11:59 PM CST on the Glorious PC Gaming Race website. While not the same as the previous Model O pre-order system worked, the Model D reservation will cost $5 and allow those who reserved a unit to complete their order within  2-5 weeks after reservations close. The $5 reservation fee will be refunded if you don’t end up getting the mouse but otherwise will go towards the retail price of the mouse. Glorious has once again updated the official public release date for the Model D, even if you did not pre-order, the Model D will be available on January 14, 2020 @ 10 AM CST.

Glorious Model D