Razer Viper Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Preview

Since Logitech made waves with their 2018 release of the G Pro Wireless, mice enthusiasts have been anticipating another lightweight wireless mouse that would give it a run for its’ money. Razer is taking up the challenge with a logical successor to it’s lightweight Viper mouse. The Viper Hyperspeed Wireless Mouse has already been making its rounds in the pro circuit, used by the likes of CS:GO Taco.

The new wireless iteration of the Viper comes in at 74grams, 5 grams more than it’s wired counterpart. For that additional weight however users get an upgraded experience that includes a base dock for charging the phone as well as a new sensor that allows up to 20k DPI. A leaked Amazon Canada product page has revealed that the mouse is slated to have 70 hours of maximum battery life which outpaces even the G Pro Wireless. A reddit user over at r/mousereview has even posted an image of a white version of this mouse which gives off stormtrooper vibes and looks extremely sick. No details yet on a release date or pricing, but if I were to guess we should see a launch by the end of the year.


leaked Amazon Razer Viper Wireless Product Page