ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra Lightweight Mouse Preview

Germany Based ROCCAT is getting set to launch their first lightweight gaming mouse. The Turtle Beach peripheral subsidiary is now slated to release the Kone Pure Ultra Lightweight mouse at the end of this month. The mouse weighs in at 66 grams and unlike much of the competition, the mouse has no external holes in the design. Instead the design team has hallowed out elements of the interior shell to shave down the weight significantly.

Being the only gaming mouse to have a weight under 70 grams since the Razer Viper, this is yet another entry into the fiercely competitive lightweight mouse market. Other features on the mouse include the ROCCAT’s Owl-Eye 16K sensor (their take on the PMW3381 sensor), customizable RGB lighting, onboard memory for programmable Macros and profiles.  The mouse comes in Artic White and Ash Black. The only thing that it seems this mouse is missing is a paracord-like cable.

The moues is priced at $69.99USD and available for pre-order now for European shoppers on the ROCCAT UK webshop. For ROCCAT fans that don’t want to wait to get their hands on a mouse, you can also check out the regular-weight version of Kone on Amazon.