Finalmouse Starlight Poseidon Preview and Release Date

Finalmouse has broken a long silence and have come out the gates with the announcement of their next drop. By now we’re all used to the ultralight weight magnesium design that has been featured on all the Starlight-12 colors to date. While the latest model, dubbed Poseidon has not been revealed visually, it does seem clear that the mouse has some upgrades to the internals and construction that should make the new Poseidon an even better performer.


Finalmouse took to twitter to share this graphic, essentially here’s what we can expect from the new model

-New firmware improving click latency

-Tournament Wireless Technology , improved wireless performance

-Lens bonding to reduce sensor lens rattle

-Raised scroll wheel height and better build quality

-Better tolerances on the shell, and improved QC to reduce side creaking

Time will tell how much these upgrades will reflect a better experience in actual gaming but it’s promising that further revisions are being made to an already popular design.

The release date of the Starlight Poseidon is set to April 14th 

10,000 Units will be available on April 14th 6pm PST/ 9pm EST through the Finalmouse website. The mouse has sold out after about 5 minutes and photos of the mouse have now been revealed.


In the meantime if you don’t want to scramble to score one of these in what’s sure to be another hyped launched, look to the below aftermarket sellers

Where to buy Finalmouse Aftermarket