Finalmouse Starlight Pegasus and Finalcon 2021

Just when you thought the Finalmouse hype was dying down, the brand pulled off a surprise and announced their first big live event since 2019 with Finalcon 2021. The event is held at a mall in LA (Westfield Century City) and will be an opportunity for gamers and peripheral hobbyists to meet up with the likes of Tfue, TenZ, Hiko, Clix and Zombs on December 18, 2021.

Perhaps more exciting for readers of this site, is the announcement of yet another colorway of the Starlight-12, dubbed the Pegasus. Personally it’s my favorite to date with a super clean, white and black monochrome finish. The mouse will be limited to just 5000 units so that’s going to make it extremely hard to get for anyone not in LA and I’m sure this one will set new records in terms of how high the resell prices may go.

If you want to attend the event and you missed out on the initial block of tickets, stay tuned to the Finalmouse twitter as they may release more tickets in batches closer to the event.

If you missed out on the black and blue Starlight Phantom drop, they’ll start appearing on aftermarket sites soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Where to buy the white Finalmouse Starlight Phantom