Are more colors of Starlight-12 on the way?

This news came via the Finalmouse Discord, where finalboy himself posted some mockups of possible future Starlight-12 colorways. It’s always interesting to see where the brand is at in terms of aesthetics and it seems they are further pushing the envelope on the look of their flagship wireless mouse.

Some of these have a different engraving style and have a drastically different look than the original but personally I’m a fan of the most colorful ones of the bunch, the more out there the better in my opinion.

In other Finalmouse news, the brand took to twitter to announce that their next announcement would come on the evening of July 7. This follows up a promise from the brand that everyone that wants a Starlight-12 will get one. In the meanwhile as more orders go out, the only place to get the mouse right now are listed below.

Where to buy the Finalmouse Starlight-12