Cooler Master MM731 59g Wireless Release

The lightweight Cooler Master MM731 is a safe ergo shape and it’s next up in their lineup of light wireless mouse. At just 59g it seems like one of the more promising designs of the summer. Here’s a rundown of the important specs again

With all of that housed in a super-lightweight, revolutionary new ergonomic shell design that reduces the weight to 59g, the MM731 truly is less than the sum of its parts. While I previewed the mouse before it seems that it is set for release as Max Gaming has put it up for order on their site with a retail price of 103EUR.

Hybrid Wireless Tech – Choose from wired mode, 2.4GHz wireless, or Bluetooth 5.1 to connect multiple devices.

Striking New Lightweight Design – Mouse weighs inat 59g without having to resort to exterior holesthatcompromise onaesthetics.

Gaming Grade Sensor – Adapt to your game orplaystyle with optical sensor adjustable up to 19,000DPI.

Optical Micro Switch – Optical inputs provide durability of up to 70million clicks and near-instantaneous inputscompared to mechanical switches.

RGB Illumination – Give your victories some flashy good looks with lighting.

Upgraded Mouse Feet – New-and-improved feet made with PTFE material for low friction and high durability, which provides a smooth, fast glide with maximum responsiveness.

Limitless Customization – New, improved software allows you to remap controls, customize your RGBs, tune your macros and more.