Finalmouse Wireless Starlight 12 Measurements and Release Date

To say that Finalmouse is the most divisive company in the entire gaming perpherhial business would be an understatement. Love them or hate them everyone have an opinion on finalmouse. The Starlight 12 is their first wireless mouse and is the most expensive product they have made to date.

The dimensions for both mice are below

Medium size will be the same between the UL2 and Air 58

121.1 x 56.7 x 36.5mm

The small is the same dimensions as the UL2

115.8 x 53.6 x 35.8mm

I’ve covered the rollout of the mouse extensively including this preview post but today I want to focus on the final release details and my expectations of the mouse. At $189 this is a PREMIUM priced mouse and I already know that buying it might be a hassle fighting against resellers and bots. I was expecting a new shape but it seems like the medium is just an median between the UL2 and Air 58, so I’ll be going for the medium as the UL2 was a bit too small for me.

The naming of the 4 color schemes a bit confusing so I’ll simplify it below

Starlight-12 Hades – Black

Starlight-12 Zeus – White

Starlight 12 Achilles – Gold

Starlight 12 Ares – Red

RJN just put out his video today where he goes quite in-depth into the features and sizing of the Starlight 12. The community has already called him out for making a video that felt more like an advertisement than a review and I definitely see their point with that criticism. That being said the only way to know if this mouse lives up to any amount of the hype will be trying it after release. I’ll try to remain un-biased and avoid judgment until I can actually get my hands on a copy.

Finalmouse is releasing the mouse tomorrow, May 1 at 7PM EST (4PM PST) and there will be a rumored 50,000 total units of all the mice. This mouse will remain in production and I’m guessing they will restock every few months or so. While international flat rate shipping seems reasonably priced I’m disappointed to hear that the mouse will take 3-4 weeks to ship after you order from their site.

Release Date

May 1 (4pm pst / 7pm est)

If you’re wondering what the hype level might be on this release, keep in mind that there are already units listed on eBay that have resold for $1500. The release sold out within about 30 minutes of release so unfortunately the only place to buy the Starlight-12 is on the aftermarket.

Where to buy the Finalmouse Starlight-12