Ducky Feather white/black with 3 choices of switches

Ducky made an announcement today that they’ll be releasing the Ducky Feather in 3 new variants. These will likely be the same as the original Ducky Feather but have the new black/white color scheme and new micro switch options.

The mouse will come with one of 3 microswitches

Omron 60M – Omron [ D2FC-F-K 60MN ]

Huano 50M (Blue) – Huano Blue [ WK-01F-50 ]

Kailh 80M – Omron [ D2FC-F-K 60MN ]

The Ducky got kind of overlooked and lost in the shuffle of lightweight gaming mice but looks like Ducky is getting ready to enter the mouse game with more resources this year.

In other news, Ducky is also set to release a new mousepad dubbed the Ducky Shield.



It comes in two sizes and features three special properties

D-Traction to promote multidirectional movement. PreenTech for liquid resistance. Wild Grip to prevent mat slippage.

No word yet on release date of these new products but I’ll keep an eye out.