Pwnage Ultra Symm vs Glorious Model O Wireless

We’ve been blessed in 2021 with more options for lightweight ambi mice that are wireless. I’ve already reviewed both these mice in this heads to heads comparison before so be sure to check out those reviews for the Ultra Symm and Glorious MOW. Be sure to check those for full reviews of both these mice but after using them both for a few weeks I can feel confident I can help identify the pros and cons between these two similarly-featured mice.

Shape and Weight

Measurements (L x W x H)

120 x 60 x 38 mm , 72 g

Glorious Model O Wireless Dimensions
129 x 67 x 38mm, 69 g

The two mice have very similar weights, with the Model O Wireless a hair lighter assuming you get the Pwnage Ultra Symm with honeycomb sides. It should be noted that the weight is better balanced on the Glorious Model O Wireless and there the Pwnage Ultra Symm is a bit back heavy.

Shape is subjective so it’ll depend on your hand size and grip. The MOW is long and very flat, and I would recommend it for larger handed gamers who fingertip grip. The Pwnage Ultra Symm is close to the Zowie S2 and as such its great for claw and palm grip for small to medium handed players. I prefer the Ultra Symm shape personally but both offer a good amount of versatility.


Both mice feature very similar feature sets. Both have USB-C charging cables and ports and battery life is pretty much the same between the two mice. The RGB lighting on the MOW is a lot brighter and just looks better on the MOW than the Pwnage mouse if that is important to you. The sensor performance is also similar betwen the two with the Pwnage using the PAW 3335 and the Glorious MOW using their re-branded BANF sensor which offers pretty much identical performance.

I would say that the software that the Glorious mouse uses is superior to the Pwnage software.

Clicks, Wheel and Build Quality

Both of these mice use the same switches, 20M Omrons but click implementation feels slightly better on the Glorious MOW. The clicks just feel and sound snappier with slightly better tactility.

The build quality on both mice are similar without too many major issues although the coating on the MOW feels more premium and my Pwnage Ultra Symm did experience some creaking. The MOW has a little bit of bottom flex but otherwise held up quite well under use. The wheel on the Pwnage Ultra Symm is tactile with tightly defined steps and good tactility while the wheel on the MOW is a bit more grippy and rubbery feeling.


Both mice offer the same value with the retail price coming in at $79.99. The Pwnage Ultra symm does come with a bit more extra with extra mice feet and a replaceable back cover to switch between one with honeycombs and a solid back.


Ultimately the decision between these two mice comes down to shape. Claw grip users will be much better served with the Pwnage Ultra Symm while fingertip fans and Zowie FK users should gravitate towards the Model O Wireless. The Pwnage brand also does offer much more customization options so you’ll be able to choose from a much greater assortment of colors. Ultimately if you want a budget wireless ambi option, these are two of the models you should look most closely at for the time being.

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