Finalmouse 37g Wireless Mouse Reveal – 4 colors 2 sizes


So with the hype building , Finalmouse went live with their keynote where they showed a video that shows off their 37g wireless mice design. They really shifted the way they constructed mice with these revisions.

Key Features

The Starlight-12 Chassis composed of Magnesium Alloy

37 Grams & Next generation wireless (assuming for the smaller size, 2 sizes are available) 

Latency Speeds faster than any wired/wireless mouse in existence with a new sensor co-developed with PixArt

2 Months of battery life

Size and Shape

Medium size will be the same as the original Ultra Light

122 x 66 x 39mm

The second size will be a smaller version that’s in-between the UL2 and the “Cape Town” size. So it’ll be good news for those who found the Ultralight 2 just too small for them.

I’ll be updating this post as more information comes out about the mouse, it’s marked at a $299MSRP although the only way to get one for now is win one through in-game rewards or luck out via  twitch drop.


The four colorways and names of the mice are shown below

Finalmouse Legendary Mouse of Achilles is the gold edition with white accents
Finalmouse Legendary Mouse of Ares is the red version with white accents
Finalmouse Legendary Mouse of Hades is the black colorway with gold accents
Legendary Mouse of Zeus is the white colorway with gold accents
The spec sheet from the keynote can be seen below.
Size comparison between the medium and small sizes

Where to buy the Finalmouse Starlight-12