Esports Tiger Neon Mousepad Size Large Review

Just wanted to share a review of the Esports Tiger Neon Pad in Large after using it for a few days. I been trying several different mice on it including the Glorious MOW, Roccat Burst Pro and Endgame XM1 with Corepads.

For full transparency it was sent out to me for review by Addice Inc but this won’t impact my thoughts on the actual performance of the pad.


480 x 400 x 4mm

Presentation and Build Quality

The Neon pad was rolled up and sent in a long vertical box. Not really much to talk about in terms of extra or unboxing but it was nice to see that once I did set the pad down on my desk it laid pretty much perfectly flat and it didn’t curl up at the edges.

In terms of build quality, this is quite well done with the print looking really clear and bright. The screenprint is definitely the highlight visually and it looks super clean. I love the neon themed colors but the design is a bit busy for me personally. I do wish the pad was a bit more minimal looking but that is personal preference. There is a bit of a rubbery smell upon unboxing but it wasn’t super strong and didn’t last more than a day. The base is made from low-density foamed natural rubber and the surface is described as a synthetic fiber cloth combined with micro-coated surface technology. What this translates to is a very smooth feeling pad with a bit of firmness supporting the surface. The stitched edges are reminiscent of the HyperX Fury but the quality of the stitching was a step up from that pad.

Surface and Performance

The first thing you’ll notice is how smooth the surface of the Neon pad is. You can feel a bit of texture with your fingers but when gliding your mouse over top of it you will barely feel any texture underneath. In terms of speeds I would put this right smack dab in the middle. Initial friction is moderate but I would definitely say this is noticeably faster than the Zowie GSR-SE. I don’t feel a perceptible difference between the X and Y movement on the pad. It’s also a really quiet pad and you won’t hear too much as you’re moving your mouse around the surface.

I can’t speak to the durability of the surface but it seemed to hold up over the several days of use. The pad stayed pretty clean and isn’t a magnet for dust or hair on the surface and it hasn’t felt any slower since the time I started using it .

One highlight of this mousepad is that it has really good stopping power. The padding underneath offers some firmness but you can definitely press down on your mouse without sinking into the pad to control those fast flicks. This mousepad feels particularly good with fingertip grip as it offers really smooth glide without sacrificing control. It also felt really consistent switching between mice on it which is a plus for me as I’m swapping main mice pretty often these days.

In terms of size, this is pretty standard and I’m happy with it in 90% of situations but there are rare occurrences when gaming where I wish it matched the size of the Artisan FX XL pads. That being said unless you are a really low sens player, you’ll be able to use this pad comfortably without taking up a ton of desk space so it offers a really good tradeoff for most users.

The rubber bottom is also really stable most of the time and will feel secure on your desk. You can get it to shift slightly with really fast strong arm movements but I don’t think it will impact your actual gaming experience in-game.


The Neon Pad from Esports Tiger is a good all around performer and worth the price of entry. It’s not the cheapest pad out there for the size but it offers a blend of features all while looking really good on your desk. I found it was an easy pad to adjust to and one that I performed quite well on with a variety of mice.


Smooth consistent feel with good build quality

Great for fingertip grip

Attractive print that’s clean and bright


Pattern may be a bit too eye-catching for some users

Rubber base is stable but can shift a bit with fast swipes

Bottom Line

This pad is a great jack of all trades . It’s smooth, moderately fast for a cloth pad but still maintains a lot of stopping power and control.



Where to Buy

Addice Inc